Thursday, May 27, 2010

craving s'mores

{ vegan s'mores }
I have been craving s'mores for weeks now. Maybe it's that summer is fast approaching (pretty much here really.....woah), maybe it's our barely used Chiminea on the deck, either way; A s'more needs to be made, and asap! Maybe with some sea salt gourmet crackers, gooey marshmallows and a snazzed up chocolate bar (you know that one with the sea salt in it....or the chili peppers)...hmmm. Wow, I need to stop it, and just make one. This is getting ridiculous!
:: peace and love ::
*I think Rachel has something to do with it!

1 comment:

The Loughran's said...

that kind of looks amazing. Let's make those tomorrow night ;)