Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday morning doings

{ skinny laminx tea towel from Heath }
{ a beautiful recipe card box (filled with the giftor's fav's!) } { Italian ceramic pitcher & wooden utensils } { place mats to match our curtains! }{ Egyptian cotton, sea foam green sheets, messy bed } { leafy vases }{ and just because, my daily vitamins }

I promised you some shots of the gifts I received at my shower! Here are just a few things that were easily accessed and photographed this morning (bad light...poor photography skills...sorry!). My momma gave me (us really), the most beautiful ceramic pitcher filled with a Skinny Laminx towel and wooden utensils (and a CROQUET set!!!! SOOO excited to bust it out next bbq!). My MOH/shower thrower extraordinaire gifted me a beautiful wooden recipe card box filled with perfect little cards both blank and filled with her favorites! A friend gifted us place mats to match our curtains (because she knows how much I love my curtains!). Some beautiful leafy vases from a bridesmaid that couldn't make it, now in their happy home on our entertainment center. A messy bed freshly made with our new and lovely colored sheets gifted by my grandma and just for fun a silly shot of my daily vitamins....because they looked kinda cute in a weird way in that little bowl!
Happy Monday lovelies :-)
:: peace and love ::

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Anonymous said...

So sometime your Ma knows what she is doing even if she doesn't stick to the list:):):) Risky but worth it. Love you,