Thursday, May 13, 2010

thursday musings...on teeth and art.

{ teeth diagram }
{ beautiful desert flowers - via bigBANG studio }

2 things for you my dears on this lovely and some what over cast Thursday morning. I had my second dream about teeth last night......I started to look up the meaning on some dream interpretation site and got depressed...figured I would just post it here and stop over analyzing myself. ha.
The first dream I had a few months back was that all my teeth crumbled in my mouth and I spit them out in little itsy bitsy pieces (gross). The one last night was that I had mass amounts of teeth growing in my mouth....first I realized that I had two rows of bottom teeth in the front (but the new and abnormal row were big, like molars), and I pulled two rotten ones out of the front...then I noticed that big molar like teeth were even growing under my tongue, then all of a sudden my whole mouth filled with teeth and I woke up (gross/weird/mildly disturbing on dreamers part).
On a lighter note, I just found this beautiful blog (with an amazingly lovely artist, who has a new collection of paintings resembling desert homesteads, and landscapes) which really gets me starry eyed bc I've been dying to visit the desert and water color the landscape for myself!!!! I found her lovely blog via this lady, who was lucky enough to trek out to her desert art show and picked up my two fav. prints of her collection (as far as I have looked at the collection).
Happy Thursday, Thursday used to be my favorite day of the week...I still think fondly of it, but am not sure if it's still my fav. shhhh don't tell Thursday.
:: peace and love ::


bigBANG studio said...

Ha! That looks familiar! Thanks for the wildflower love! So delighted you dig Rachel's two new paintings- she has a great eye and picked a perfect pair to hang together without even seeing them in person, and I'm so touched she bought them!

Thanks for stopping by bigBANG. I've been a negligent blogger this week but I'm back in action after a visit from my mum.

And the teeth dream? The WORST. I have the crumbling tooth dream when I'm really stressed out. Hope you're having a marvelous week, sans crumbling teeth, and btw your wedding invitations are TO DIE FOR. So adorable. xoxo!

Jen said...

Ug, teeth! I'm in so much pain right now because of wisdom teeth!