Thursday, June 30, 2011


Leo Hart from The Panic Room Videos on Vimeo.

This is serving as some serious inspiration & motivation. There are moments where the idea of a natural birth feels over whelming, but re assurance that although it's excruciating, exhausting & emotional, it's also the most amazing thing in the world.
I can't wait to meet this little guy!

:: peace & love ::

*via Pacing the Panic Room--Walk to 40 Weeks.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


{ my attempt at the turban }

I think I'm into this.
I know I'm a little late to the game (I've seen turban hats & head wraps for at least a year now), but I never felt compelled to give it a go on myself. That is, until I just read Karla's blog & saw her amazingly perfect (I think you have to have a lightweight scarf (big) with no tassels...mine has tassels) TURBAN.
So loves, I gave it a go this morning, et voila!! I don't know how I feel about actually wearing it out of the house; maybe by the pool later. I'm sure to get a few comments, but I have to admit, I kinda like it. So bold & dramatic & I love the color of my citron scarf.
I'll keep ya posted, and share more pics, if I actually try this again in attempts of leaving home with it on my noggin.

:: peace & love ::

Monday, June 27, 2011

weekend wrap up

{ the Shutter Booth @ Nell & Cole's wedding! }
{ finally wearing this dress, & loving every minute of it's tent-like ness }
{ a watermelon & pineapple snow cone....oh, i think so! }
{ my lover/hubby/baby daddy's 30th bday!!!!!!!! }
{ gotta get some sun on that 31 weeks belly }
{ the centerpiece at Nell & Cole's shabby chic }
{ the gorgeous couple, I mean, come on! }

It was a BUSY busy weekend.
Saturday I started the morning doing makeup for my beautiful bride-y friend Danielle, her 6 bride's maid's, her adorable little momma & her fiance's (now hubby!! woo) mom. If you're a makeup artist you'll know that's a lot of people for one preggo to handle...but let me tell you something. These girls are the sweetest (funniest) bunch you will come across, Nell has some seriously fabulous friends. I had the best time, if not a soar back. It was well worth it, everyone was so appreciative. I was just stoked to spend time with everyone while they were getting everything together. There's nothing like the morning of a wedding!!! So much excitement & anticipation & love & friendship...blah blah. It was marvelous.
Sunday was my honey's 30th bday. He started the morning with a surprise golf extravaganza, new bag & all with his boys!! Then to a beach bbq with a 5 gallon local Amber ale, shishkabob's, stuffed portobello's and some really good company. I can't believe my babes is 30!!!!!!! We met when he was 20, and when I think back over the years I can't believe we're here......we must be real live adults or something, although we don't feel like it at all. ;-)
I hope your weekend was magic kittens.

:: peace & love ::

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Found! A dress for my baby shower in July ;-)
I was contemplating this & this, but first thought I would pop in my favorite local boutique Ambiance. Good thing, because this stretchy (bonus), soft, not too short, fabulously printed tunic dress is just the ticket.
Trying it on with my Cole Haan's here, but realistically will probably wear some flat sandals, it does look cute with a little heal though doesn't it!?
This week has been tiring...I feel like while my belly is growing, my energy is decreasing ;-/ Ready for the weekend....which will be just as busy! Wedding makeup for the bride's maid's, bride's mom, groom's mom & my fabulous girli friend & bride Danielle on Saturday...then off to attend their wedding that afternoon. Sure to be amazing no doubt!!
Then it's the honey's 30th on Sunday!!!!!!!!!! Celebrating with friends/family/beach & bbq!
Happy end of the week

:: peace & love ::

Monday, June 20, 2011

on the hunt.

{ antique spindle bed, the smithy via the brick house }

I'm on the hunt for a California King sized antique spindle bed. I think they are pretty fantastic, I think I may have found one on CL, hoping they email me back!!! The headboard on the one I found isn't the same as above, it has a solid wood piece across the back (instead of the spindles), wish it just had spindles like this one, but beggers can't be choosers now can they?! Also, it has 4 taller acorn design topped posters on the corners....which I think are kinda rad, maybe I could eventually have matching spindles made to go across the headboard instead of the solid wood? This assuming that they'll email me back & it's still available.
If it is, I'll be picking it up this week & sharing pics. It looks in the pics to be a fairly glossy orange-y wood (why are CL pics so terrible?), I would love to refinish it, but it looks like a sh*t ton of work (pardon).....and I don't know if anyone is in the mood to help me, lol.
Please please please be available....or, maybe this exact bed will pop up right in front of me, in my price range and could totally happen.

:: peace & love ::

it's HOT people.

{ giant stock tank, hot puppies }
{ desert stock tank }
{ desert stock tank, spotted puppy }

I don't know about you, but it's freakin' hot here people! Like...please don't make me sit in the sun without some sort of body of water near by that I can dip myself in hot.
Solution, stock tank pool! Now, to be clear, we do have a pool we can use, but what if we had a little (so adorable) stock tank pool right by the cute little flagstone patio my pops is building?
I've suggested the idea, he seemed mildly amused, but refuted that there wasn't enough space with out disrupting the California Oak's roots. Valid point.
Still, I think it would be so cute, perfect in the summer & just down right a good idea. Oh, and another it just me, or is this whole stock tank pool idea far more whimsical than a regular old swimming pool? YES. I think so too ;-)
Happy Monday kittens.

:: peace & love ::

* first pic from google. 2nd & 3rd pics from Big Bang Studio.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

scenes from a staycation

{ soaking up some sun @ the pool! }
{ face painting essentials ;-) }
{ ready for dinner! }
{ Ventana's cute little cork menus }
{ morning snuggles }

We had a marvelous little stay-cation this weekend. It was our 1 year wedding anniversary, and we figured we may as well have ourselves a little celebration before it's + baby time.
We stayed at the Avila Village Inn. The same hotel that the hubs booked the night he proposed!! It was amazing then...and even more amazing now, 2.5 years after he proposed, here we are...married with baby #1 on the way. There was lots of sun, snuggling and hot tubbing for us this weekend :-)
Hope your days were lovely as well.

:: peace & love ::

Friday, June 17, 2011

summer=hot pink & peach.

{ Stila, Gladiola Convertible Color }

I am somewhat of a product junkie...and by somewhat, I mean, it's an issue. I L-O-V-E makeup (all products in general...working for Aveda, being a makeup artist for Salon Lux & having a Sephora right upstairs doesn't help in this addiction what-so-ever).
I've decided after seeing HOT pink all over the blogs that I needed my own attempt at it. Et voi la, Nars Schiap. OBSESSED (sorry for the all caps), but I cannot even tell you how many compliments I got on my lipstick today!
Next would be my search for the perfect peachy cheek color! I first got a sample of Bobbi Brown's Cabo Coral with a friend when down in Santa Barbara at Nordstrom's (so sad, no Bobbi Brown around these parts). The Bobbi color is perfection, kicking myself for not just buying it on the spot.....was debating ordering, then yesterday found Gladiola from Stila and found it to be a comparable substitute (same price), no shipping.
So folks, I've got my hot pink & peach for summer....and I am super happy about it! Would definitely recommend both products (although looks like Gladiola is sold out on & Sephora site :-(
Happy makeup hunting!

:: peace & love ::

* off for a 1 year anniversary weekend with my baby (can you believe it's been a year)...we're doing a little stay-cation if you will. Pics to come!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

i can't help it.

{ chocolate chip + orange zest scone }

I just can't seem to help myself. Doesn't hurt that the hubs loves the scones too! Same recipe, but instead of fresh strawberries I added some chocolate chips, orange zest and the juice from 1/2 an orange to the cream.
These might just be better than the strawberry version.

:: peace & love ::

Monday, June 13, 2011

i'll have 1 of 2.5 months, please!

YUM! That's all ;-)

made-strawberry scones part II

Well, I didn't make them this weekend, but I DID make them ;-)
Strawberry scones part II, and they are just as good as I remember. Same recipe as before, but I added a little vanilla extract. I think next time I will add a little lemon zest, for some tang (or use buttermilk).
Hope your Monday is lovely!

:: peace & love ::

hot pink=happiness

Are you kidding me?
In L-O-V-E....and it just so happens we're going to be in the market for some new dining chairs. Now, can I somehow convince the hubs that these aren't pink....but in fact, necessary?
Happy Monday loves!!!!

:: peace & love ::

Saturday, June 11, 2011

a wedding...and some purchases!

{ me & the Mr. at his step brother's wedding!! }
{ contemplating my outfit choice before...haha }
{ ordered a Jcrew Ryden military jacket }

{ & since I couldn't choose...ordered both these platform pumps from Simply Vera Wang }

A wedding, a jacket & some shoes.
SHOES!!!!!!!!!!! They are my weakness lately, I can't get enough of a fabulous heal....someone might need to stop me because I thought my feet were about to fall off after 6 hours in these heals (not standing the whole time obviously), if I weren't preggo I think my feet would feel a lot better but I've been having swelling issues, something that apparently doesn't go oh so well with 4.5 in heal & a 1.5 in platform ;-) who knew? haha.
Regardless of my swollen sore little puppies today, we had a lovely time at the Farley wedding!!! How can it be bad with amazing weather and coconut cupcakes?
Tomorrow calls for morning coffee date with my love, followed by a few hours in the sun by the pool!!
Hope your weekend continues to be perfect.

:: peace & love ::

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday no work

Wednesday off? Well, sure....I think I can handle that :-)
Spent the morning looking at fabric for a certain baby quilt (have I mentioned my parents are amazing quilters?). I ordered the stripey southwestern(ish) looking fabric off Etsy, thinking I will make a crib sheet with it. Mom and I found that snazzy yellow print fleece at a local fabric shop in Paso.....I think that it would make a pretty snuggly little crib sheet as well!
(( I was told that my previous though of using this fabric was too girly ))
Lunch and lounging poolside with a girlfriend in from out of town was perfection. So relaxing to soak in this beautiful weather & of course some rays. Although, that suit I'm wearing is a monokini (and has cut outs on the sides) which is making for a fairly interesting tan line. haha.
Lastly, spotted these pretty heels on Simply Bubblelicious (but in orange and yellow), and am wondering if they might make a good addition to my summer wardrobe. In short doses obviously, 7+ months pregnant and heels might not be the best ever combo. But, I'm optimistic ;-)

:: peace & love ::

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

inspired baking ;-)

{ strawberry scone made my me! }

Feeling very inspired to finally make some scones (my fav!) after reading Caroline's post over at Coeur de La. I have been saying for a while I want to make more scones, and just haven't gotten to it.
Well....remember when I made these a few years (woah) ago?
That needs to happen again, the Strawberries are just getting really good, I think it's optimal timing to bust out some scones this weekend.

:: peace & love ::


{ or }

Which one for baby's room?
p.s. Baby has a name.....should I tell you? :-)
Obviously going with something black & white here....OR, could go with a cream 70's shaggy carpet (they're everywhere right now) and oh so soft and plush?!
Must get going on decorating and setting up for this little guy, it's getting close (third trimester and biggie) I lagging??

:: peace & love ::

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I don't know if I could pull it off? But.....I have been secretly loving socks/tights with heels!
What do you think, wearable? Or something best worn by models in a Jcrew catalog? Either way, I'm enjoying the idea of it along with some fabulously over-sized plastic rimmed eye glasses. Mind you, I don't wear glasses.....and although I'm greatful for my good eyesight, a small little sliver of me wishes I needed glasses so I could justify wearing something like the ones pictured above (via miss Pandora). It's all rather nerdy-chic, no? And rather delightful :-)
Happy Sunday!

:: peace & love ::

Saturday, June 4, 2011

hello sparkle!!

Glitter Guide Behind the Scenes from Michelle Drewes on Vimeo.

Can I live in this video? Hair, makeup, sparkles, confetti & champagne....
Perfection :-)

via, the Glitter Guide !

p.s. I might need that pink dress (guess I'll have to wait until I have a waist again) & that bright pink lipstick. le sigh.

p.p.s. tried on those Burberry sunnies today in the mint color. Not exactly what I was hoping for. I was hoping they would be bigger, but they were mid-sized.....bummer. I wanted more drama with that pop of color. Oh well.

:: peace & love ::

Friday, June 3, 2011

Burberry...who knew?

{ new add for Burberry Brights sunnies }

I've been flipping past this add for sometime now I would imagine. It isn't brand* new...but new enough.
My point....whilst flipping past it last night I was intrigued with the shape and bold colors of Burberry's new line of sunnies. Bonus...they fold up, like, to the size of just the lens....Now, to be perfectly honest, I don't know if I care that they fold. It's cool...and different, but I'm really loving the shape and the colors.
On that note, I have the hardest time committing to colored things. Kitchen Aid mixer (available in some wonderfully fantastic colors).....which did I choose? WHITE. Yup. Why? Because I can't commit to a color scheme. Weird, because I LOVE color. Like, really love it. I think that's why I can't commit, how do I choose just one shade and then stick with it for years?
Case in point, these sunnies. I have to try them on, not everything looks good with a round face shape such as mine, but say they look rad-tastic, the next question is, what color?
Loving the mint shown on the female model above. Feeling like a commitment phobe about it already though. Safety zone...they also come in black or tortoise. I like the idea of tortoise too.
What do you think?

:: peace & love ::

*I do have more interesting things to ponder than Burberry sunnies, but they are far more interesting to share with you. I promise ;-)