Sunday, June 19, 2011

scenes from a staycation

{ soaking up some sun @ the pool! }
{ face painting essentials ;-) }
{ ready for dinner! }
{ Ventana's cute little cork menus }
{ morning snuggles }

We had a marvelous little stay-cation this weekend. It was our 1 year wedding anniversary, and we figured we may as well have ourselves a little celebration before it's + baby time.
We stayed at the Avila Village Inn. The same hotel that the hubs booked the night he proposed!! It was amazing then...and even more amazing now, 2.5 years after he proposed, here we are...married with baby #1 on the way. There was lots of sun, snuggling and hot tubbing for us this weekend :-)
Hope your days were lovely as well.

:: peace & love ::


allison said...

you have great style and i'm 'totes' impressed you can rock it while preggars hot mama!!!

Katie said...

Awww, thank you Allison!!