Saturday, June 11, 2011

a wedding...and some purchases!

{ me & the Mr. at his step brother's wedding!! }
{ contemplating my outfit choice before...haha }
{ ordered a Jcrew Ryden military jacket }

{ & since I couldn't choose...ordered both these platform pumps from Simply Vera Wang }

A wedding, a jacket & some shoes.
SHOES!!!!!!!!!!! They are my weakness lately, I can't get enough of a fabulous heal....someone might need to stop me because I thought my feet were about to fall off after 6 hours in these heals (not standing the whole time obviously), if I weren't preggo I think my feet would feel a lot better but I've been having swelling issues, something that apparently doesn't go oh so well with 4.5 in heal & a 1.5 in platform ;-) who knew? haha.
Regardless of my swollen sore little puppies today, we had a lovely time at the Farley wedding!!! How can it be bad with amazing weather and coconut cupcakes?
Tomorrow calls for morning coffee date with my love, followed by a few hours in the sun by the pool!!
Hope your weekend continues to be perfect.

:: peace & love ::


Simply Bubblelicious said...

When in doubt buy both! U looked cute for the wedding. Hope you had a great time.

Katie said...

words to live by :-) & thank you, we had fun!! Hope your weekend was sunny and wonderful.

Cat said...

You look amazing! Love how you knotted the end of the dress ... a perfect way to show off your passion for adorable shoes :)

❤ Cat brideblu

Katie said...

Thank you Cat!! The knotting works for showin' off the shoes (and) because my baby belly makes the hem too short otherwise, haha.