Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday no work

Wednesday off? Well, sure....I think I can handle that :-)
Spent the morning looking at fabric for a certain baby quilt (have I mentioned my parents are amazing quilters?). I ordered the stripey southwestern(ish) looking fabric off Etsy, thinking I will make a crib sheet with it. Mom and I found that snazzy yellow print fleece at a local fabric shop in Paso.....I think that it would make a pretty snuggly little crib sheet as well!
(( I was told that my previous though of using this fabric was too girly ))
Lunch and lounging poolside with a girlfriend in from out of town was perfection. So relaxing to soak in this beautiful weather & of course some rays. Although, that suit I'm wearing is a monokini (and has cut outs on the sides) which is making for a fairly interesting tan line. haha.
Lastly, spotted these pretty heels on Simply Bubblelicious (but in orange and yellow), and am wondering if they might make a good addition to my summer wardrobe. In short doses obviously, 7+ months pregnant and heels might not be the best ever combo. But, I'm optimistic ;-)

:: peace & love ::

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Simply Bubblelicious said...

There super comfy and a must have! Just think u can wear them for a few hours and then change.