Thursday, June 23, 2011


Found! A dress for my baby shower in July ;-)
I was contemplating this & this, but first thought I would pop in my favorite local boutique Ambiance. Good thing, because this stretchy (bonus), soft, not too short, fabulously printed tunic dress is just the ticket.
Trying it on with my Cole Haan's here, but realistically will probably wear some flat sandals, it does look cute with a little heal though doesn't it!?
This week has been tiring...I feel like while my belly is growing, my energy is decreasing ;-/ Ready for the weekend....which will be just as busy! Wedding makeup for the bride's maid's, bride's mom, groom's mom & my fabulous girli friend & bride Danielle on Saturday...then off to attend their wedding that afternoon. Sure to be amazing no doubt!!
Then it's the honey's 30th on Sunday!!!!!!!!!! Celebrating with friends/family/beach & bbq!
Happy end of the week

:: peace & love ::


allison said...

katie- i love this dress! the bump looks gorgeous and so do you:)

Katie said...

Thank you!!! It's so soft and stretchy which is the best part :-)

Blythe and Charlotte said...

Oh that dress is beautiful! I love the pattern and colors! Congrats on your baby!