Monday, June 20, 2011

on the hunt.

{ antique spindle bed, the smithy via the brick house }

I'm on the hunt for a California King sized antique spindle bed. I think they are pretty fantastic, I think I may have found one on CL, hoping they email me back!!! The headboard on the one I found isn't the same as above, it has a solid wood piece across the back (instead of the spindles), wish it just had spindles like this one, but beggers can't be choosers now can they?! Also, it has 4 taller acorn design topped posters on the corners....which I think are kinda rad, maybe I could eventually have matching spindles made to go across the headboard instead of the solid wood? This assuming that they'll email me back & it's still available.
If it is, I'll be picking it up this week & sharing pics. It looks in the pics to be a fairly glossy orange-y wood (why are CL pics so terrible?), I would love to refinish it, but it looks like a sh*t ton of work (pardon).....and I don't know if anyone is in the mood to help me, lol.
Please please please be available....or, maybe this exact bed will pop up right in front of me, in my price range and could totally happen.

:: peace & love ::


jd said...

this with a king on top...

and that awesome wall behind.

Katie said...

those little beds are perfection....and that wall is killing me! love it.