Tuesday, June 29, 2010


{ Heath bowls, in the sun }
{ Heath bowls, in the sun }

Heath, heath, heath....yes that's right. We received one of the beautiful pieces off our Heath registry (and they are aaammmmaazzzinggg). I was drying our rug outside in the sun the other day and decided it was a pretty little backdrop to show off our new little ceramic lovelies.
Thank you to my aunt Olivia and family for generously gifting us such a beautiful present. I used one for entertaining the other night...and it was perfect. Along with the exciting gifts was a beautiful decanter, a Le Cruset grilling pan, and some lovely glass wears from Crate and Barrel.
On another note, Wes and I went for a 5 mile run last night and it was pretty hilly, I feel really good for pushing myself and keeping on with my running. For about a week and a half there before the wedding, I literally didn't have enough hours in the day. It's really nice to have the time and be able to get in some good running. The 10k is approaching on July 17th, and if it were tomorrow, I could definitely do it with out dying....phew. Haha.
Happy Tuesday lovelies,
:: peace and love ::

Sunday, June 27, 2010

50's inspired/homey engagement pics

First of all....I know, I know...we already did our 'e-session' and it's going to be RAD-TASTIC, especially since we had Jill there to snap our pics (she's really amazing and so lovely--i just have to say).
it doesn't make me stop ahhing and oohing over all these 'at home' and '50's ish' inspired photo shoots.........and I'm thinking that for either our pregnancy photos (whenever I am in-fact pregnant---which I'm NOT....just clarifying), or our 1 yr anniversary photos (I've seen quite a few anniversary shoots, and I must say, they look so fun, a bit more relaxed and really lovely) we will do a shoot themed around our home, with maybe a little 50's thrown in. I am thinking Wes reading a newspaper, me shaking a martini (Wes actually prefers beer...but it's all for visual effect right?)...ok fine...me pouring a beer...heals, apron, boufant.....you get the picture....check out these Beautiful pictures that have inspired my vision.
{ Mary + Stefan, Erin Hearts Court }
{ at home engagement pics - Luna Photo }
{ Messina photo-engagement pics-found from Style Me Pretty } { Mary + Stefan, Erin Hearts Court } { Angelina Jolie for W mag feature } { Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt for a W mag feature } { Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt for a W mag feature }{ Ryan + Holly engagement pics-Braedon photog } { pics found from 100 Layer Cake }
So there you have it....there are many more, I know I've run across many more, but unfortunately didn't save them all. I just love how relaxed and easy they all feel....
The inspiration started with a 50's looking photo I saw in a mag that reminded me of the 'Brangelina' W magazine shoot from years ago....I googled the W mag shoot and got even more excited...then tried to find more of the 'at home' pics I know I'd seen over the years.
I'm sure there will be more to come...it's really such a lovely idea.
:: peace and love ::

rosie gold delight

{ Gabriel & Co. rose gold/diamond band }
I am really loving how my band turned out!!! I wanted something kind of different and fun and this is perfect : ) Really really loving rose gold.....hmm.....perhaps I should acquire more delightful pieces of this fabulously colored metal!?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

sweet love poem

{ A Wedding Love Poem }
"What a cute couple of birds!
Who today exchanged special words
May your life together be grand
Walking through each day hand in hand
We're sure it must be fate
That you each found your soul mate!"
~Danielle & Cole
Imagine what we found when we went to read through our little guest book...the sweetest little love poem that touched our little souls : )
We are moved by the love and support of our family and friends, the wedding was more than we could have hoped for, and the donation of time by so many people was irreplaceable and truly the most generous gift. THANK YOU to everyone....it was really so wonderful!
:: peace and love ::

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Yup....we're officially Mr. and Mrs. : ) Everything was so wonderful. I think I loved the ceremony the best....it was so touching and special (not to mention our exit on a lovely silver Italian scooter...) more pics to come....CANNOT WAIT to see Jill's magic with our fair inspired engagements and especially the wedding : ) xoxoxox.

:: peace and love ::

Thursday, June 17, 2010

a break from all things wedding...

I needed a break from all things wedding...i think i've already cried like 3 times today...haha....oh man.
After our e-session at the SD fair with Jill (and really for some time now) i've been all things circus obsessed (fair counts towards circus). I love love love the colors, the whimsy, the lights, the spirit of it all.....
{ carosel, from my pic folder...source un-known )
{ vintage circus wedding } { ferris wheel } { circus inspiration board } { circus fun }

I find myself wishing for a circus inspired bash.....then my besti said (as she picked up a pack of candy circus peanuts) I want Hudson's (her almost 1 year old cutie-mc-bootie) 1st bday to be circus themed..
Gahhhhh.......thank you, So I get to help plan and put together a circus themed bash after all : )
I am soooo excited....instead of a kissing booth, I'm thinking a "kiss the baby booth"....circus peanuts, popcorn and a cotton candy machiene....right!? If you're wondering why a 1 year old needs all that good stuff.....lets be honest, it's not all for the 1 year old...it for the 20 and 30 and 40 somethings too.....of course!!!
:: peace and love ::

Sunday, June 13, 2010

SD fair :-)

{ outside the fair after our e-session ! }
{ blooming peonie, table }

The drive to so-cal was full of traffic (of course)...but Saturday morning came and went, and before we knew it we were headed to the fair to shoot our e-session!
I cannot tell you how ridiculous we felt pulling our silly black Samsonite luggage with all our changes of clothes...who knows what people thought we had in there! hahaha....
Once we spotted Jill and Sydnee (we hadn't met before)...we were greeted with warm hugs and smiles and knew that we were going to have a blast.
It is funny having your picture taken (in such a public setting no less)....I thought I would be more aware or concerned with what everyone else was thinking, but once we got started we were so preoccupied with soaking in the amazing setting and beautiful light that everything else just faded into the background. We had SO much fun, the fair was the most perfect spot, so many beautiful colors and wacky things going on (and one v. photogenic ferris wheel; ps i love ferris wheels)....Jill put us right at ease and was so easy to be ourselves in front of (maybe not quite as goofy and goobery' as we usually our...but hey, give us time ;-)
I honestly can't wait to see the pics...not just to see us really...but how the light caught all the color and movement....
We came home to one sulking kitty (who then decided to snuggle us all night) and some amazing blooming peonies....nothing like your own bed i say!
One week until the wedding...and it's crazy crunch time, wish me luck with all my projects : )
:: peace and love ::

Thursday, June 10, 2010

e-session in SD

{ San Diego Fair }

We are headed to San Diego tomorrow to meet Jill and her assistant Sydnee for our engagement session!!! I will say that it's a bit stressful going away the weekend before the wedding...there are so many projects left to do; however, since we are going we are planning on enjoying it!!!
This picture is just a clue as to what we'll be up to with Jill and Sydnee...more to come on that!
Have a beautiful weekend lovelies, can't wait to tell you all about mine : )

:: peace and love ::

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

attempted crane folding....

{ cheese..wine..strawberries..and chocolate pretzels }
I invited 4 friends over this evening to help me fold paper cranes....
To put it simply it didn't work out :-( yes I am tres sad.
I was hoping for this...so beautiful, whimsical and touching....because they are 'peace cranes' so sweet.
but alas...i was the worst of the bunch...hahahaha....mine turned out upside down the whole time? serious? and honestly....no one else was much better, they are harder than they appear...for reals.
so I am thinking maybe these instead....in white and grey!? awww shucks, I was really hoping the peace cranes would work out magically! bummer....
:: peace and love ::

Monday, June 7, 2010

planting party!

{ potted succulents }
{ planting in process }{ succulents and air plant in a pretty little bowl } { Ranger and succulent }

Saturday we headed up to Paso, to my parents house for some succulent planting and wine margarita taste testing!
We got the pots and bowls planted (almost)...we need about 10 more succulents! I think they look so cute!! Thank you Kelly from Yes Please blog for letting me know where you got your pots (about a year ago)....thanks to her tip I found myself all those cute little cement pots that are sooo perfect for centerpieces!!!!!
After a long day of planting...and planning, going over (and over) all the little details....we relaxed at the house for some wine margarita taste testing : ) My parents were worried about people getting tanked right off the bat with real tequila margaritas (so much tastier....but I had to give up at some point!)...haha, so i did (give up the tequila fight!) and we (with some much appreciated help from good friends Norma and Jim) came up with a concoction of lime juice, sugar, triple sec and wine--with a splash of sparkling wine to top it off. It is good, it really is, but it's not a margarita....so now the game is figuring out a name for this limey refreshing drink.
:: peace and love ::
--up tomorrow, paper crane folding girli get together!!!--

Saturday, June 5, 2010

sneak peak!

Just a little sneak peak of the succulent planting going down at my parent's house in Paso today!!! It's hot (really hot)...but everything is looking so pretty and coming together!!
Our succulent guy even threw in air plants with out me asking (which I love)...and feel will mix it up a bit given the popularity of succulents this year in weddings!!!!
Ya...more to come in the next few days : )
Happy weekend lovelies!

:: peace and love ::

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tom's has a wedge!?!? heck yes.


I need a pair of these bad boys. I bet 100% they are the coziest wedges you've ever worn....
yup...I just talked myself into it :-) Orange stripe please.......oh thank you!

:: peace and love ::

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

got my Ray Bans!!!

{ new Ray Bans, in the car }

Just picked up my Ray Bans at the post office today (go figure I missed the delivery on Friday when there's a 3 day weekend)....ha.
I think they are a little big for my face....but they are so Reno 911 that I don't think I care. They are perfect for summer!!!! I know they are a little goofy....(as am I, taking goobery' pictures of myself...!!) but what do you think!? Total bust, or cute for summer?
:: peace and love ::