Monday, July 27, 2009

Ca. Mid State Fair

It was off to the fair yesterday for us and some friends....we braved the heat (no bueno) and fair food (garlic fries and soft serve ice cream) not to mention the $7 beer. I'm really not a huge 'fair person' but it's just such a weird thing...the bright colors...all the huge rides going in circles...all the fried food...weird booths and's like nothing else and for that reason it's a bit interesting. My favorite parts were seeing the baby pot belly pigs (so stinkin' cute!!) and finding this AMAZING red spiny opal ring from one of those western jewelry vendors. In case you're wondering..I didn't buy it (he wanted $220---come on now buddy....) but man was it pretty!!!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend...I feel like mine is just starting!

:: peace and love ::

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