Sunday, July 19, 2009

(( GASP ))......chickens ???????? do I say this....
We have a little grassy spot (dead grass I might add) in the new yard that just might fit this little modern hen house...
I have been wanting cute little chickens that lay blue eggs (specifically blue eggs) since I was little and collecting the adorable eggs of a very dear friend of mine when they got a coop.
I 'just' realized that it might actually work...I can see Wes' eye's rolling right now--here's how the convo. would go ::
K : "so know that little dying grass spot behind the deck?"
W : "yeah...." awkward expectant pause
K : " you know how I want little chickies who lay blue eggs right?"
W : silence......even more awkward than before
K : " perf. is that??"....."we could totally fit a little coop back there"
W : the expected eye roll occurs...and maybe...just maybe...a stressful sigh*
I'll keep you posted...check out Kristina's amazing coop here and here. It's my inspiration! (pic from Kristina!!)

:: peace and love ::


The Loughran's said...

You're kinda weird, but I love you :)
We could have an Easter Egg decorating party...

Katie Carter said...

awww well that's sweet it weird that I scripted a little monologue...or that I want chickens...b/c i suppose both are questionable! lol.

The Loughran's said...

haha! I was thinking more about the chickens... I liked the little potential convo :)
I'm sure Parker will love them at least!