Tuesday, July 28, 2009

my 'staycation' adventures

We needed to get out of the house for my mini 'staycation', so we headed up to Cambria for a morning of gallery shopping and good eats at Robins. Cambria is such a cozy little town, and it was fun to browse around pretending to be tourists. We stopped in at Robins to have lunch (fish tacos were delish) and the atmosphere out in the garden was SO so pretty!!! There was a very bountiful plum tree behind our table that kept dropping it's fruit every few minutes (despite the danger of death by plum--it was beautiful!). Back to work for me tomorrow...and although I love my job...there are times when I wish I could relax forever.....hrm...what on earth would that feel like!?! haha.....

:: peace and love ::

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