Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday Fav's

{pics from top :: papier valise-Jeana Sohn-un known-Anna Wolf}
Just a little bit of pretty(ness) this morning. Loving the inspiration board at top--the colors, the bit of shine, the organic shape of the plants and the structural element of the paper crane make this a little bit of eye candy. Jeana Sohn braided her hair like this one day...and I just LOVE it and honestly wish mine were long enough to pull this off--the bangs--the braid--it's perfection! I don't even need to say anything about the gradation of succulents.....*sigh* I want a whole yard just bursting with arrangements like that one (and the little peek of snake plants behind them....honestly). If being totally head over heels obsessed with Craspedia (Billy Buttons) wasn't I have this pic just to prove their amazing versatility and over all photogenic(ness). Happy 'middle of the week' everyone....the weekend is almost upon us yet again!

:: peace and love ::


A Pinch of Style said...

Hi Katie. I love the pics you have posted here. I wish I could do a braid like the one pictured on your blog but I am def. not good with hair. As for my leggings, I got them from They are by 6126.

Katie Carter said...

Thanks so much!! I was just thinking about so fab those were today--so funny. : )