Sunday, July 19, 2009

Garden Beginings!!

{pic :: Armas}
Hey got the 'bigger' place (the things I'm stoked on are...the w/d and especially the *garden*). When I say garden...I suppose I should clarify...the 'potential' garden. There's a gangly rosemary sprig there for the moment and a very sad rose bush (i really don't care too much for that will be going bye bye). I want to plant a garden in one area (Wes wants a tomato plant--as do I!!) as well as lettuce...carrots...raddishes etc.
I also love succulents, snake plants....tall grasses etc. I am sharing all this because I would love advice or opinions about what should go in there!!!!! In your own gardens...what has done well? What have you enjoyed the most?
I also have a large raised planter that I will be growing all my herbs in (cilantro (duh), chives, basil (another obvi.) thyme, parsley and anything else I can think of!).
Please give me your ideas...I really can't wait to get started on what's in season to start now as far as the garden goes...and get started on the rest of the little yard asap!
Happy Saturday : )

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