Monday, July 13, 2009

baby * Sprinkle * sign

I went to by bfff's baby sprinkle this past weekend, and made this fun sign for the festivities!!! I used three different colors of paper from Michael's and simple cut and pasted it together. I think it turned out really cute, the colors were blue and orange....we had more of those tissue paper 'poufs' placed all around and blue lemonade...delicious cookies that were very festive with blue and orange icing and spelling out the baby's name (Hudson) made by Ashlee's family!!! Ya to cute parties...and ya especially to a new 'almost' member of the Loughran family!!

:: peace and love ::


The Loughran's said...

Aww, it was adorable!! Guess who now has to make the signs for both of their birthday's every year? Screw buying them off Etsy! hehe :)
Love you!

Katie Carter said...

haha....I wouldn't mind...I'll have to think of new ideas!!! <3