Thursday, April 29, 2010

pixie love

{ Michelle Williams }
{ Ginnifer Goodwin }
{ Halle Berry } { Mariska Hargitay } { Audrey Tautou }

There are many more I'm sure, but I am really loving this short hair!!! A few girls this season have already come into the salon to chop theirs off, and I have to say I get "pixie envy" in the worst way. I really can't do it right now...because of the wedding and would totally mess up my whole plan (!ha). Maybe, just maybe I will get the (you know) to do this eventually.
:: peace and love ::

April showers bring...Hunter wellies?

If not for the fact that these boots are just plain fantastic (who knew rain boots could inspire such excitement, right?); this model with her perfect hair and rugged out look doesn't help my "I really don't need new rain boots" cause. Come on lady......I mean really.

:: peace and love ::

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

some weekend and Monday doings

{ invites, pantone color swatches } { glass bowls on table, awaiting succulents }
{ a birthday gifted succulent finds a home }

So a test print has been accomplished and the yellow is too light with my open font. I am MORE than bummed out about this because I was loving (really loving) my whole idea with the liners and the yellow...blah blah blah. Alas, I am picking a new color, an olive green. Which I love, but it isn't yellow....(pouting). Can I also add, that these needed to go out (ohhhhhh) 2 weeks ago, and I am almost having an anxiety attack at this very moment about the timing of the whole thing.
I bought out absolutely every single glass bowl (small and med sized) that Michael's had to offer. I will be using these in conjunction with my cement Ikea finds to create lovely little succulent arrangements for center pieces on my long rectangular tables!!
I was gifted a lovely little succulent by a good friend for my bday over the weekend, and thought he needed his own little home in one of the small glass bowls. I think he looks mighty cozy and adorable in it! (don't ask me why my succulent is a 'he', it just feels right to call it that..ha).
I'm hoping that today I can get my invites printed (FINALLY)...emboss my RSVP post cards and find new paper to line my envelopes with so I can get them in the mail by the end of this week. That's my goal. Wish me luck.

:: peace and love ::
*more pics here.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

25 years older (and wiser).

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How amazing is this little bouquet with my fav (coral peonies) from my sweetest momma and daddy!! Flowers from Open Air, going to the Pony Club (and probably Villa Creek for a mint margarita) tonight :-)

:: peace and love ::

Thursday, April 22, 2010

what to do with a "Friday"

{ envelope & liner, waiting to be glued...and my pretty Pepper of course }
{ envelope and liner, waiting to be assembled }
As I stare at the pile of paper and envelopes waiting to be measured, cut and lined; I find myself wondering if it's all worth it. More than if it's worth it, which seems like an unanswerable question, will people even notice or care about the perfectly picked hot pink and yellow patterned paper that I looked for, bought and am now in a pile of scrap paper over lining these suckers? Maybe. Maybe not. I guess it doesn't really matter; selfishly I should say that it's only what matters to me, right? I can live with that I suppose.
I'm trying to find excitement in all these unfinished, not just unfinished, but undecided on projects that lie in wait for me over the next 8 weeks (8 weeks....ahhhhh). I'm finding excitement difficult to muster sometimes. Which makes me frustrated that I feel stressed about doing these things that 'should' be exciting? I think I'm just having a moment; A moment of 'how the heck am I going to figure out what I want and then accomplish it in 8 weeks?'....I'm sure you know the feeling.
Technically it's my Friday, and I find myself staring at my 1. running shoes 2. hot pink paper asking to be measured, cut and inserted into an envelope 2. phone to have a friend come over and share a bottle of wine. Seriously, those are my choices. I suppose I could do dishes, laundry, vacuum etc. I for one have a belief that such activities should not be condoned on one's Friday. Here, here.

:: peace and love ::

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

arm candy...

hello bracelet...i think you would look lovely on my wrist. would you like to come to my house?
you may be wondering--does she realize she posts 'wish lists of sorts' predominately containing jcrew items far more than seems normal? well....friends....yes i am aware. but i truly can't help myself.
i have been eyeing this chunky delight for some time now....i can just imagine how heavy and shiny and utterly edgy and beautiful this would be.
OH...well, i'll just tack it on the bday list...which by the way is getting in-appropriately long.

:: peace and love ::

Sunday, April 18, 2010

it's almost my birthday !!!

Naturally I am a big fan of my bday. Often claiming it as my favorite holiday (!)....don't hate me, I'm really not so bad; I like other people's birthdays too....I just like mine the best. fair? I've made a helpful wish list of sorts (look at me making things easy for everyone!!...haha).
{ Jcrew-Cleo platform sandal }
{ some rose & yellow gold stacking rings from Etsy } { Jo Malone orange blossom cologne } { Alternative Apparel flashdance eco-fleece sweatshirt in eco grey } { Marc Jacobs gold aviators - Solstice }
Just a few goodies....there's always Shannon Len jewelry from Hands (!!) oh sooo pretty....Fresh chapstick or mani/pedi certificates.
Those Cleo sandals really kill me about summer sandal perfection ! Gahhh......
I think that a cheese platter and bottle o'bubbly is in order next saturday....probably at Cheval, since my love of the pony club is well documented !
Happy sunday :-)
:: peace and love ::

Sunday, April 11, 2010

a few of my favorite things

a random sharing...
{ sleeping in- there is really nothing better than a sleepy sunday morning. i am often jealous of my extremely lazy cat } pic from moi...and my messy bed.
{ the intoxicating smell of orange blossoms...a tell tale sign of spring }
{ coral peonies- besides succulents, coral peonies win my heart as one of my favorite flowers....full of volume, color and whimsy }
{ confetti - just plain makes me happy. i don't care how messy...a lovely scattering of bright paper is never frowned upon by moi ! }
{ sofia blanc de blanc - my favourite sparkling wine, and such a sweet bottle } pic from Kristina @ A Lovely Morning.
{ french pressed coffee - and breakfast in general i love to have a slow morning of coffee and home made breaki } pic from Rachel @ Heart Of Light.
{ flowering cacti }
{ the desert landscape, especially in the spring - so full of color and texture and incredibly inspiring } { pretty prints - in lovely colors and with witty phrases....i would fill my walls with fun little prints and posters.........if custom framing weren't so dang expensive...why??? } { jewelry - i just plain and simple can't get makes me happy.......and i never feel bad about acquiring it, because it has been so fun to receive pieces that have been passed down to me...i want to be able to pass on some genuinely lovely pieces as well as fun costume pieces like my fav. necklace right now from Tiger Lily } { Fresh products - their packaging seriously kills me !!!!! i am such a sucker for packaging alone, it doesn't help that their fragrances are so lovely (my fav. fig apricot eau de parfum, and the Supernova mascara) } pic from Fresh.
I thought i would share a few of my favorite things....i wasn't feeling my best this weekend, and am greatly looking forward to a new week and a fresh start so to speak.
:: peace and love ::
pics from google, if not otherwise stated !

Friday, April 9, 2010

flowers in her hair....

{ Mignonne Handmade -- photos by Sloan Photography! }

So lovlies....I've made the choice to wear this pretty little (i mean quite large) bloom in my hair!
mine will be ivory and dove grey with greyish gold glass beads for a center and olive and grey velvet leaves!!! I am sooo excited to see it...i love the drama it gives. Ya...
:: peace and love ::

Monday, April 5, 2010

summer are mine..muahaha.

It is safe to say that I have a genuine love of Sam Edelman sandals (they are really so dang comfy)...I have not one bad thing to say about them, and their price point (while not $23 flip flops) really very reasonable given how much use and wear i get out of them!
{ this summer's Sam Edelman - Divine sandals }
{ last summer's Sam Edelman - Ginnie sandals }

Last summer I snapped up the Ginnie sandals (in navy patent) and have since worn them like crazy (mind you, they still look amazing and not at all worn out...worn, yes...but not to their death).
This summer I will be prancing around in the Divine sandals (just ordered!!!!) yayaya.
Perhaps it is politically incorrect (or non-wallet friendly) to order beautiful sandals as I am trying to plan my wedding................
I would refute that I LIVE in sandals (seriously), and will wear the heck out of these suckers. Especially when flying to and lounging around in the Dominican (!! still on dominican stoked cloud 9).
Next for the summer....what else...aviators (the besti and I are in desperate need...of course). And really do feel as though we must have some, not just for the summer mind you...but (repetitive, sorry) for the Dominican! {must convince self that material desires are a need and not a want }.... sorry mom. I will also through in that I originally saw them on the S. Edelman web site, sought to purchase at Piper Lime, waited (see mom...exercising delayed gratification techniques) size proceeded to sell out at Piper Lime...I of course had a mild panic attack at which point I resorted to Nordstroms. phew.... (i'll say).
:: peace and love ::

Sunday, April 4, 2010

clouds in my....tummy?

{ cloud cookies-what you need }
{ cloud cookies in the making }
These cookies are killing me.....honestly. I haven't seen a more whimsical cookie as of late, I think I should def. practice my cookie makin' skills and whip up a batch of these pretty lovelies!
I make no promises that mine will turn out that adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:: peace and love ::

Saturday, April 3, 2010

honeymoon update....( !!! )

* update - we are OFFICIALLY going to the Dominican Republic in December

yes yes, it's a bit of time to wait, (wedding is in June); Wes will be done with school at that time and we are going with our besti's as i mentioned in my last post, this is when they were planning to be honest I couldn't care less when we are going. The fact that we are not only going out of the country for the first time together, get a honeymoon, and get to spend a week in the sun not only with each other, but with two other people that we care about is far more than enough for me!
Regardless of this amazing honeymoon. I think it might be nice to escape for just 2 nights the weekend after the wedding; just to revel in the whole 'husband and wife' bliss that will no doubt occur.
I am thinking of a few places that we have been dying to get to-but haven't had a good enough reason to go on vacation {what with student financial situation..blah blah}-but now we do-because its like a little mini honeymoon-and we deserve it-right?
Solage Calistoga - Napa area. All things warm nights, wine, cheese, and scenic drives around our 'Tuscan' California surroundings. Not to mention their spa (eh hum..honestly).
Glen Oaks - Big Sur. We are literally a hop skip and jump away from Big Sur and have spent some beautiful outings there already, but would probably do some midnight hot tubing-good eating-general view appreciating-and hiking of course!
Ace Hotel - Palm Springs. One of the farthest places from us, but never the less a contender in this whole 'mini honeymoon-because we really should' thing. I am all things desert obsessed (i lied...i'm anything but intense heat everything minus the heat)...the plants, the landscape (amazingly inspirational for me) and the over all feel. We would un-doubt ably spend days by the pool or lounging on their private patios with a good book and a beer or checking out their galleries and shops (AC please). Nights in the bar and again enjoying snuggling on the patio with a fire (not because we need the heat...but because it's romantic--duh).

So there are the mini weekend/honeymoon/getaway contenders. I don't know how we will choose...All of them pose such amazing options and really really really beautiful scenery!

:: peace and love ::

{I am blogging at 10 pm at night on a Saturday because I had a hectic Friday (with my besti) and my fiance is at some comedy show thing with his I am resigned to being mellow and chillaxin' with my beautiful and v. snuggly cat!--for some reason I felt the need to justify all this blog activity}

on honeymoons....

We'll be here (!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeekkkkk !!!!!!!!!! ), it's safe to say we are really (really...super) excited about it.
{ GABi beach, Paradisus Palma Real-Dominican Republic }

Here's the story...we had given up a little bit on trying to honeymoon; Wes has to start up summer school at Poly the Monday (right) after we get married...booo. Then our bfff's told us we should come with them to the Dominican (where they honeymooned almost 4 years ago..and would be going back to for their anniversary-10 years dating (woo hoo). At first I had my reservations--how are we going to make that happen (first of all--this is still quite the question mind you, but we are an optimistic crowd and have gone with the motto 'make it happen'). Second, will it feel enough like a honeymoon if we go with other people? We decided that we will have our 'couple time'...massages, romantic dinners, and activities...and then we will have our besti's there to enjoy in all the amazingness' too!! Awesome....we think so!
So that's the's all inclusive, so once you get there you might want some $ for the airport and gift shop....but other than that you can just peruse their many restaurants, beaches and activities (hello para sailing and snorkeling) to name a couple...
I'm just really happy at the thought that I will get to relax with my husband (love it!) far far away in a little place called the Dominican !
:: peace and love ::