Saturday, April 3, 2010

honeymoon update....( !!! )

* update - we are OFFICIALLY going to the Dominican Republic in December

yes yes, it's a bit of time to wait, (wedding is in June); Wes will be done with school at that time and we are going with our besti's as i mentioned in my last post, this is when they were planning to be honest I couldn't care less when we are going. The fact that we are not only going out of the country for the first time together, get a honeymoon, and get to spend a week in the sun not only with each other, but with two other people that we care about is far more than enough for me!
Regardless of this amazing honeymoon. I think it might be nice to escape for just 2 nights the weekend after the wedding; just to revel in the whole 'husband and wife' bliss that will no doubt occur.
I am thinking of a few places that we have been dying to get to-but haven't had a good enough reason to go on vacation {what with student financial situation..blah blah}-but now we do-because its like a little mini honeymoon-and we deserve it-right?
Solage Calistoga - Napa area. All things warm nights, wine, cheese, and scenic drives around our 'Tuscan' California surroundings. Not to mention their spa (eh hum..honestly).
Glen Oaks - Big Sur. We are literally a hop skip and jump away from Big Sur and have spent some beautiful outings there already, but would probably do some midnight hot tubing-good eating-general view appreciating-and hiking of course!
Ace Hotel - Palm Springs. One of the farthest places from us, but never the less a contender in this whole 'mini honeymoon-because we really should' thing. I am all things desert obsessed (i lied...i'm anything but intense heat everything minus the heat)...the plants, the landscape (amazingly inspirational for me) and the over all feel. We would un-doubt ably spend days by the pool or lounging on their private patios with a good book and a beer or checking out their galleries and shops (AC please). Nights in the bar and again enjoying snuggling on the patio with a fire (not because we need the heat...but because it's romantic--duh).

So there are the mini weekend/honeymoon/getaway contenders. I don't know how we will choose...All of them pose such amazing options and really really really beautiful scenery!

:: peace and love ::

{I am blogging at 10 pm at night on a Saturday because I had a hectic Friday (with my besti) and my fiance is at some comedy show thing with his I am resigned to being mellow and chillaxin' with my beautiful and v. snuggly cat!--for some reason I felt the need to justify all this blog activity}

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The Loughran's said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I'm so freaking excited. This is going to be the best week ever. I feel like it's too good to be true (but it's not! yay!)
Love you guys... and we can't wait to share our awesome honeymoon spot with you :)