Saturday, April 3, 2010

on honeymoons....

We'll be here (!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeekkkkk !!!!!!!!!! ), it's safe to say we are really (really...super) excited about it.
{ GABi beach, Paradisus Palma Real-Dominican Republic }

Here's the story...we had given up a little bit on trying to honeymoon; Wes has to start up summer school at Poly the Monday (right) after we get married...booo. Then our bfff's told us we should come with them to the Dominican (where they honeymooned almost 4 years ago..and would be going back to for their anniversary-10 years dating (woo hoo). At first I had my reservations--how are we going to make that happen (first of all--this is still quite the question mind you, but we are an optimistic crowd and have gone with the motto 'make it happen'). Second, will it feel enough like a honeymoon if we go with other people? We decided that we will have our 'couple time'...massages, romantic dinners, and activities...and then we will have our besti's there to enjoy in all the amazingness' too!! Awesome....we think so!
So that's the's all inclusive, so once you get there you might want some $ for the airport and gift shop....but other than that you can just peruse their many restaurants, beaches and activities (hello para sailing and snorkeling) to name a couple...
I'm just really happy at the thought that I will get to relax with my husband (love it!) far far away in a little place called the Dominican !
:: peace and love ::

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