Monday, March 29, 2010


I purchased my first pair of Toms today!! It was between the sparkly silver version (which I ended up choosing!!!) or the patterned delights (second picture). I have to say that my fancy silver shoes make me feel a little Michael Jackson, but they are so fabulous and shiny that I don't mind! My friend went with, and ended up taking home, the sparkly gold version. To top it off, when I came back to work another one of the woman had the patterned ones (that I was debating) and I realize I may end up with two pairs of Toms eventually because those patterned ones are pretty delightful on!!!!!!!!
{ sparkly silver Toms }
so, I got a snazzy new pair of shoes....and Toms can donate one more pair to a child in need. Pretty sweet trade if you ask me!
:: peace and love ::

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Rachel said...

I've been eyeing those patterned ones too! And I love the simple linen ones they have for spring. So many choices.