Tuesday, March 23, 2010

musings..on wedding..what else.

{sparkly louboutins-erin hearts court}
ohhh my...
so many ponderings* going on over here.
1. invites in the making...i am SO excited, they are going to be so lovely....i can't wait to show you and to see the finished project myself.
2. I've got a plan for the seating 'cards'....hint: they aren't going to be cards--think margaritas...labels and mason jars !!!
3. do i need a reception dress--something shorter and sassier and easier to dance my heiny off in?
4. do i need a second pair of shoes (something glittery..sparkly...you know)?
5. bands...mine-rose gold, filigree, little white diamonds... his-tungsten (he wants something durable and 'manly'....) although there was a fantastically snazzy white gold and black sting ray skin ring (makes me a bit sad honestly)...but it really was amazing. I'm trying to convince him the sting ray ring is manly (which it is)...but somethings must be finagled a bit.
6. reception (and ceremony) decor....paper goods, paper goods, paper goods....i've got a few ideas, trouble is...settling on one.
well, that's good for now; i know it's not quite as interesting when I have nothing to show you!!!
:: peace and love ::

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