Monday, November 30, 2009

what's on your list?

{Alice in Wonderland coloring book}
{all 500 Pencils--all at once!!}

{Marc by Marc Jacobs Q Grove bag}

{Tiger Lily Collection 'layered' crystal necklace}

{J-Crew vintage short roadster boots}

Here are just a few things on my x-mas list......i love making Christmas lists (i like making lists in general, so i suppose that doesn't say much) ;-) i also love hearing other peoples, what do you want for xmas, what do you want to get people. I am always looking for the perfect gifts (which is really my fav. part!!!)
Happy Holidays lovelies!!!!!
:: peace and love ::

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

loving Kemp Muhl

Just love love loving this model/musician Charlotte Kemp, those lips and that flawless porcelain skin...beautiful. Not only is she pretty, but she's talented and has some awesomely fantastical fashions!!

:: peace and love ::

i want to get lost in here....

A couple weeks back the lovely Kelly from yes, please blog posted this amazing inspiration board with the reason being that her and some other v. talented lovlies were going to be doing a photo shoot (bridal shower) in the desert with the theme...'Where the Wild Things Are'...ummm....WHAT? First of all, that sounds insanely amazing....second of all, can i come? haha.... So i saved their fabulous inspiration board, for, well...inspiration...and coming across it in my picture folder makes me think that incorporating something fun like this into our bachelor/bachelorette weekend getaway (here or here...or camping) would be SO fun!!
Ohhhh, I'm such a sucker for a tepee and a headpiece!!! love love love love..

:: peace and love ::

Friday, November 20, 2009

ohh you taunt me

Karla's vintage mint green and beaded frock is something else....i want it, i really do.....not to mention these sequined 'Carly' pumps from Kate Spade...i know i know, i already have wedding shoes, but what if i need 'bridal shower shoes' or....'rehearsal dinner shoes'...or something?? I mean really, it can't hurt. Torturous....Here's to hoping these sequined delights find their way into my closet!!! Happy Friday my loves, I hope you have a beautiful weekend : )

:: peace and love ::

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hmm....i smell a project : )

The dress dilemma is ever approaching...and I must say I do need to figure something out!!!! I think a trip to SF is in order, but I also thought up this idea, and am really liking it!! The bottom two pictures are from Jcrew (the Sophia gown), I think the way the top crosses over the bust and in back is a bit boring--or ordinary....and would want to re work the top to mimic Leighton Meester's lovely gown with the knotted detail at the sleeves...mmm delicious : ) I like the flowy' chiffon...I like the banded detail at the high waist and the light pleating coming down into the skirt....i just don't love the top, but that can be altered, right?

:: peace and love ::

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I've been neglectful...

I'm sorry dear readers...our little family has yet again been struck with another tragedy. I'm not quite in the space to say too much just yet, the words just aren't coming to me... I will say that we are so devastated by the loss of Wes' beautiful, amazing, warm, wonderful and loving little sister Shannon Marie who departed from our company Saturday, Nov 7th at the young age of 22...I will have more to say later, but can't quite wrap my head around it at the moment.

I will be back and blogging away soon, we have just been very busy grieving, and dealing with this un-comprehensible tragedy.

:: peace and love ::

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

you will be missed

My love Maxie left us last Wednesday, she was my best friend, my companion, my everything. She is the first pet I have lost while being old enough to really understand what it means...and it has been one of the most devastating things I have had to go through. I remember getting a chocolate brown leash before going to the pound, knowing that I was going to be picking out a dog. When I first laid eyes on this beautiful chocolate brown puppy, with the sweetest smile and softest ears, I knew that a lifelong love was found in her, and of course that my leash matched her fur perfectly!! We had shared our lives together for the past 13 or so years, I grew up with her, took her everywhere, snuggled her at night, and knew in my heart that I would do anything for her. To have to lose her, and feel like I couldn't 'save' her still haunts me, and I have a feeling will continue to haunt me....I can only dream that she is happy, healthy, pain free, roaming in an open field of wild flowers with her toys and many abundant apple trees....and most of all, I can only hope that she knows how very deeply I loved her and that I will always love her. I just hope she isn't lonely, that is the most heartbreaking feeling of all.
Maxie you will always be in our hearts, we love you forever and always.

:: peace and love ::