Friday, November 20, 2009

ohh you taunt me

Karla's vintage mint green and beaded frock is something else....i want it, i really do.....not to mention these sequined 'Carly' pumps from Kate Spade...i know i know, i already have wedding shoes, but what if i need 'bridal shower shoes' or....'rehearsal dinner shoes'...or something?? I mean really, it can't hurt. Torturous....Here's to hoping these sequined delights find their way into my closet!!! Happy Friday my loves, I hope you have a beautiful weekend : )

:: peace and love ::


Elise said...

can you even IMAGINE the way those would glisten.. oh jeez. they're amazing. you've turned me into a raccoon.

Jess said...

AMAZING, those shoes are so gorgeous!