Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hmm....i smell a project : )

The dress dilemma is ever approaching...and I must say I do need to figure something out!!!! I think a trip to SF is in order, but I also thought up this idea, and am really liking it!! The bottom two pictures are from Jcrew (the Sophia gown), I think the way the top crosses over the bust and in back is a bit boring--or ordinary....and would want to re work the top to mimic Leighton Meester's lovely gown with the knotted detail at the sleeves...mmm delicious : ) I like the flowy' chiffon...I like the banded detail at the high waist and the light pleating coming down into the skirt....i just don't love the top, but that can be altered, right?

:: peace and love ::

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