Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I've been neglectful...

I'm sorry dear readers...our little family has yet again been struck with another tragedy. I'm not quite in the space to say too much just yet, the words just aren't coming to me... I will say that we are so devastated by the loss of Wes' beautiful, amazing, warm, wonderful and loving little sister Shannon Marie who departed from our company Saturday, Nov 7th at the young age of 22...I will have more to say later, but can't quite wrap my head around it at the moment.

I will be back and blogging away soon, we have just been very busy grieving, and dealing with this un-comprehensible tragedy.

:: peace and love ::


Rachel said...

I am so, so sorry. My thoughts and best wishes are with you and your family, for healing and love.

Rachel & Rebecca said...

I just found your blog (love it by the way) and came across this and the previous post. I am so sorry for your loss(es). I can't imagine what you both must be dealing with. Thoughts & prayers are with you.