Wednesday, November 17, 2010

OH, there is 1 thing. FRESH

When in about your fav. cosmetic brand.
it's hard to say 'fav' when i'm such a product junkie and love so many things (AVEDA above all...obvi).
HOWEVER...I just slathered a bit of this on the other day in Sephora (and took home a sample which is now gone. so stingy with their samples that Sephora). Anyway....I am FULLY obsessed.
It's on my xmas list/tempted to buy immediately regardless of the addition to the xmas list.
Leaves skin with that lovely oily shimmer (without the greasy feeling)....smells amazing (amazing i tell you)....and comes with that fab Fresh packaging and general sensibility.
damn you get me every time.
and i love it. gah.

:: peace & love ::

it's wednesday...and i don't have much to say!

no motivation to blog.
moving out of our place in a week.
would like to find the much talked about money tree.
honeymooning in the Dominican Republic in less than a month (thank goodness)
currently looking for a 'shopping sponsor' ;-) to finance my shopping needs. anyone interested, shoot me an email (i'm kidding...kind of).

that's all for now.
i know that's so incredibly boring and useless...but i am too stressed to be creative right now.
need something in my life....some art....some project....something.

:: peace & love ::

Sunday, November 7, 2010

loung pants as workwear?

{ Caroline, of Caroline's mode }

I've been contemplating this look for a little while now. I keep seeing it on fashion blogs....wearing fitted lounge (sweat) pants as everyday wear.
Now, obviously one can't wear these to a corporate office.....or at least I don't think that's quite kosher. However, I work at a fashion forward, young salon where are dress code calls for all black or dark denim.....(and of course no hot pants)....
this leaves me wondering---'can i pull this off'?, is it really appropriate? I think it depends on what else is going on....wearing with boots is definitely a must; maybe spicing it up with an interesting (but not too fancy) blouse or dressed up tee...adding a well fitting cardigan or jacket seem appropriate. Lastly for some reason they seem more appropriate in black, and they seem more appropriate in fall/winter where looking a little bundled and cozy is expected.
I want to try looks right up my alley (this coming from someone who literally lives in leggings...) really i do. My concern is, I'll put on my little all black, sweat pants included outfit......walk into work and my boss will look at me and say 'excuse me....are you kidding?'. I already wear my lounge y gray sweater (not black...gray...i say it's a shade of black...but who am i kidding?) like it's going out of style...and I've seen her eye it a few times like (do i pick this battle or not?) she must decide on not...bc i haven't heard anything about it yet ;-) haha.
So people...what do you think? lounge pants to work? or not quite appropriate?

:: peace & love ::

Monday, November 1, 2010

let them eat cake....or at least have a cocktail!

Halloween was a blast. I haven't dressed up for years (so many years).....but when a friend said they were throwing a halloween house party (costumes a must), I decided this was the year.
Marissa already had a Marie Antoinette dress from a previous year (and since I'm absolutely in love with Marie Antoinette--or rather Sophia Copola's version of her) it was perfection.
What was really perfection was my hair and makeup......oh man.
Marissa hasn't even graduated cosmetology school yet and she rocked my hair out in some really amazing ways. It was big and messy and curly and sprayed white with huge butterflies to boot....a red lip and some bright pink cheeks and i'm ready for some Halloween fun.
I can't wait for next year, who knew it could be so much fun! the friends were geisha's, Katy Perry's, noams, white trash bikers and tribal was a creative bunch ;-)
Hope you had a very happy Halloween!!! Hello Monday.

:: peace & love ::