Monday, November 1, 2010

let them eat cake....or at least have a cocktail!

Halloween was a blast. I haven't dressed up for years (so many years).....but when a friend said they were throwing a halloween house party (costumes a must), I decided this was the year.
Marissa already had a Marie Antoinette dress from a previous year (and since I'm absolutely in love with Marie Antoinette--or rather Sophia Copola's version of her) it was perfection.
What was really perfection was my hair and makeup......oh man.
Marissa hasn't even graduated cosmetology school yet and she rocked my hair out in some really amazing ways. It was big and messy and curly and sprayed white with huge butterflies to boot....a red lip and some bright pink cheeks and i'm ready for some Halloween fun.
I can't wait for next year, who knew it could be so much fun! the friends were geisha's, Katy Perry's, noams, white trash bikers and tribal was a creative bunch ;-)
Hope you had a very happy Halloween!!! Hello Monday.

:: peace & love ::

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