Monday, October 25, 2010

Refugio adventure

{ Refugio State Beech, Ca }

Spent Sunday and Monday morning with my Luxers at Refugio State beach for a salon retreat.
We had quite a blast. Sunday lunch in Solvang with 5 of my girlies at the Solvang brewing co. A couple beers and a sushi roll (amazing by the way) later and we were on our way to Refugio with full bellies.
We lucked out and missed any rain in the forecast; set up camp and broke out the wine. There weren't too many people missing which meant we had about 5 or so campsites which = a giant camp style block partay until the wee hours.
Between Marissa's 18 years aged Rum (oh god is was good), the warm breeze and the full moon I was happy to spend my time with some of the girls i love most. We talked, we drank, we howled at the moon (not literally...but you know)....we dipped ourselves in the ocean in the moon light....
Topped off this beautiful evening by dragging our lounge chairs down onto the beach, where we sat by the waves, watching the stars and clouds roll through the night...
It was truly beautiful, it really was. I won't forget that site of waves and moonlight, sand and good friends.
Hope your weekend was lovely as well sugars...back to the grind for me :-)

:: peace & love ::


bigBANG studio said...

SOLVANG! Did you go to Paula's Pancake House? Um, BEST Svedish pancakes in ze vuhld.

Sounds like an absolutely marvelous weekend.

Katie said...

it was SOOO amazing, nothing like that warm autumn cali breeze!!!! we didn't make it to Paula's....but I only live about an hour from Solvang so the hubs and I will have to make it down :-) Hope India is treating you well!!!