Sunday, October 3, 2010

hello dream hair

{ Carey Mulligan, Vogue cover Oct 2010 }

Hello styled to perfection October cover of Vogue.
hello dream hair (cut, color...) amazing....hmmm. We know I love a good pixie
hello lovely makeup and Chanel haute couture...
just lovely
I kinda of gasped when I picked this up at the market this evening
have been staring at it all night (the cover is my fav part of the issue) don't judge me.
and am more than ever contemplating this cut.
I'm not trying to be self loathing; but i really think i should drop a few before trying to sport a pixie. It's just not as magical a look if you aren't a bit thin and gamine. no?
don't answer that ;-)

:: peace & love ya'll ::

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