Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bobbi Brown Online--Free Shipping!

Bobbi Brown online is giving us free standard shipping with no product code or minimum purchase required!!!

Offer is valid 4/4 through 4/10/2008 ending that night at 12:00 am.

Go to their website at

To go directly to the page that shows this beautiful kit in the picture (Bobbi's flawless bridal kit) go to

Happy Shopping!

P.S. The hydrating eye cream is award winning as is her liner in a pot (shown with the bridal kit)

Make Your Own Lipstick Palette

I was flipping through last months issue of Domino only to find this lovely article about making your own lipstick palette! If you are a total beauty junkie (you know who you are!) you are going to love love love this! seriously! I am going to include the link of the video showing exactly how to do this yourself, but it is so easy I can't believe I haven't don't this sooner!
First off, you will need a palette to put all your pretty pucker in! Go to click on shop beauty supply online at the top and when it gives you the list of options to shop on the left you will see the option to click palettes! There you go! The version that they show is the 28 basin double sided which retails for $60. A little pricey you say? If you think about it not really, they say that by putting all your color in one place (and by taking it out of its original container) you are getting 1/3 more product with your buck! Imagine all that good stuff that's always left at the end of your lipstick container that you have been throwing away till now! Next you will need a microwave (if you are a neat freak--like me) and a small ceramic bowl with a pour spout!
Go to to enjoy the video of Domino Magazine's own beauty editor in her Manhattan apartment whipping up a pretty lipstick palette!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Absolutly Necessary~Benefit Benetint

When asked what beauty product I would cry over if it was discontinued, my answer is Dior Show Mascara in Blackout and Benefit Benetint lip and cheek stain! This is maybe the most amazing thing EVER! I have fair skin and a rosy color already to my skin and for the longest time I thought that I couldn't wear anything too intense on my lips because it would just bring out the pink color in my skin--in a bad way--like "woah my trainer kicked my ass into a tomato red heap". I was proven wrong when I broke down (after hearing all the hype of benetint for years) and bought the 'Pocket Pal' version. The Pocket Pal is very handy since it is the original Benetint but packaged in a dual ended pen with a clear gloss on the other side or spicing things up a bit! I will say one thing, that I wouldn't wear it alone on the definitely does need a gloss and clear is the best. Plain and simple if you are fair skinned (or anything else really) but this works well on will like Benetint! It is the perfect rose color and as the picture shows does wonders to liven up a dull complexion!
I find that the picture (from Benefit's website) is true to color.
You can purchase same as the prior post about the High Brow Pencil at Sephora or at the Benefit Cosmetic site!

Benefit~Not Just A High Brow!

I'm sorry, but I LOVE BENEFIT. I will admit that I love their packaging (I think it's adorable) and that may 'partially' contribute to why I love them and want basically everything in their line! However...I bought this pencil maybe a year ago--initially because I was watching one of those make over shows where a makeup artist was telling the woman that she should use a light pink pencil under her eyes to minimize any darkness and brighten the eye area. Benefit does have a pencil specifically for the eye area (and to be honest I don't see the difference between this one and that one) but at the time of my purchase I did not see the one for the eyes so I bought this. Thinking--hey...there's a light pink pencil--perfect!! It is perfect, I do use it under my brow but specifically I use it under the eye. I have a weird little phobia of tugging the delicate skin under my eye so instead of drawing it directly under my eye, I scrape a bit of the pencil off the top, warm the cream between my ring fingers and lightly tap the creamy pencil under the eye. Paying more attention to the inside corners on the side of the nose and down the nose, feathering out toward the outside corners of the eye. Don't blend entirely! You want to leave a bit of the pink color lingering to keep the are bright!
To purchase go to
or to the Benefit site

I Heart Albolene

The other day my girlfriends and I were chatting about what kind of products we use and what kind of makeup (you know...the reg) and we were all in agreement that none of us uses "cheap" beauty products on our my case this means Osea Skin Care, Bare Minerals Foundation, Benefit, Dior, Stila etc...basically from Sephora. Later that night I was doing my whole "getting ready for bed" routine and as I was swiping my cotton ball of Albolene across my face I realized...I do use @ least one drug store beauty product!!! Albolene is marketed as a "no soap and water" cleanser. However since I was about 15 I have been using it as a makeup remover before cleansing. In its container it looks like a petroleum jelly (or vaseline) but on contact with the skin in becomes smoother and more 'liquidy' expertly removing foundation and even the most difficult of mascara (because of it's petroleum texture). I use this every night and am almost out at the moment. If you have sensitive skin you will love this--it is like Cetephil in the sense that it is extremely mild, has no fragrance and no irritants (origeonal version). If you have oily skin or are prone to break outs, don't be detered because it is oily looking or feeling. This is very light (not exactly like a 'cloud') but none the less light and gentle. I do have (especially at the moment) slightly problem skin and this has never clogged my pores or irritated my skin. Give the drug store a try, it's good for more than just lotion and nail polish!
Off to Rite Aid...

Benefit-Girl From Ipanema

I just went on the Benefit Cosmetic site to check out what new and deliciously exciting things they have and 'voila' I stumbled across this gorgeous look they created called the "girl from ipanema'. It is a brozed look with a pale glossy lip and copper eyes. To get the step by step directions and product usage go to their website @

I have to admit this is a slightly dangerous undertaking because now (only 5 minutes later) I want every single product they used....and thank goodness we have a local Sephora because I'm pretty sure I cannot live with out the California Kissin' lip gloss they use and the 'Birthday Suit' eye shadow! It is almost my birthday...can I use that as an excuse to go overboard shopping for cosmetics? Lets just say yes.....

Here is the 'California Kissin' lip gloss $16. It is supposedly minty and the slight blue tinge that it comes with is said to make your teath look more white! I have a feeling this will be my new favorite everyday gloss (I love blue gloss...ever since Dior and Clinique dis-continued theirs I have been hoping someone else would do this) Happy Shopping!