Sunday, April 6, 2008

Make Your Own Lipstick Palette

I was flipping through last months issue of Domino only to find this lovely article about making your own lipstick palette! If you are a total beauty junkie (you know who you are!) you are going to love love love this! seriously! I am going to include the link of the video showing exactly how to do this yourself, but it is so easy I can't believe I haven't don't this sooner!
First off, you will need a palette to put all your pretty pucker in! Go to click on shop beauty supply online at the top and when it gives you the list of options to shop on the left you will see the option to click palettes! There you go! The version that they show is the 28 basin double sided which retails for $60. A little pricey you say? If you think about it not really, they say that by putting all your color in one place (and by taking it out of its original container) you are getting 1/3 more product with your buck! Imagine all that good stuff that's always left at the end of your lipstick container that you have been throwing away till now! Next you will need a microwave (if you are a neat freak--like me) and a small ceramic bowl with a pour spout!
Go to to enjoy the video of Domino Magazine's own beauty editor in her Manhattan apartment whipping up a pretty lipstick palette!

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