Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Benefit~Not Just A High Brow!

I'm sorry, but I LOVE BENEFIT. I will admit that I love their packaging (I think it's adorable) and that may 'partially' contribute to why I love them and want basically everything in their line! However...I bought this pencil maybe a year ago--initially because I was watching one of those make over shows where a makeup artist was telling the woman that she should use a light pink pencil under her eyes to minimize any darkness and brighten the eye area. Benefit does have a pencil specifically for the eye area (and to be honest I don't see the difference between this one and that one) but at the time of my purchase I did not see the one for the eyes so I bought this. Thinking--hey...there's a light pink pencil--perfect!! It is perfect, I do use it under my brow but specifically I use it under the eye. I have a weird little phobia of tugging the delicate skin under my eye so instead of drawing it directly under my eye, I scrape a bit of the pencil off the top, warm the cream between my ring fingers and lightly tap the creamy pencil under the eye. Paying more attention to the inside corners on the side of the nose and down the nose, feathering out toward the outside corners of the eye. Don't blend entirely! You want to leave a bit of the pink color lingering to keep the are bright!
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