Friday, July 30, 2010

the week in review

{ Ray Ban Wayfarer II } { Beer, martini, mint margartia @ Villa Creek } { VW Bus, downtown SLO }

Mondays are my skin care day at Lux (which I might add have been incredibly SLOWWWW as of late), due to the lack of clients on my books, i got my hair colored (desp. needed!). After work one of my co-workers/best friends Marissa and I have taken to going over to Novo and eating cheese, lettuce wraps and drinking fine wines ;-)
This monday was no different. We spent a good 2 hrs lounging in our little romantic corner of the out door deck, and snacked on their delicious cheese platter, shrimp lettuce wraps and a (eh hum) couple glasses of vino.
Found a lovely turquoise VW bus downtown....marveled at it's perfection (really wishing there was a for sale sign in it's window) but...there was not.
Tuesday-TACO TUESDAY at Villa Creek with my honey and girli friend Vix. We ate numerous veggie (for me), pork for them tacos with creme fraiche and some delightful Mexican cheese. Drank (a few) cocktails and enjoyed 3 hours worth of perfect convo and fun. We were thinking this could be an every other week occurrence......until we got our bill.....we don't know when we'll go again. Haha. but it is seriously amazing and we'll soon forget the price and head back for more. ;-)
Wes and I popped in to the sunglasses store...where we tried on every version of Ray Ban they offered. Wes found his fav, and I think I found mine, but when I got online to check them out more saw these babies and am thinking about switching my pick. The ones in store are tortoise and adorable....but these two toned little babies are kind of amazing if i do say so myself!
Happy weekend lovelies.
Saturday is my bfff's little 1 yr old HUDSON's bday, and we'll be off to a circus themed adventure. More on that later.
:: peace and love ::

Monday, July 26, 2010

Engagement session!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

{ pics by Jill Thomas, San Diego Fair }

They are finally here, and I am so excited to share them with people! These are just a tid bit, really I LOVE them all....and wish i could post them all...but that might be a bit excessive! haha.
Jill was such a pleasure to work with, both at the fair and our wedding (and her assistant Sydnee was amazing and sweet and didn't mind lugging our Samsonite luggage around the fair...which I'm sure was a bit embarrassing...) :-)
Jill said she will be posting on her blog shortly with more pics also, so keep an eye out over there as well. Even though I already have the disc and have looked through them so many times, i can't wait to see them on her blog too (makes it real or something)!!!
THANK YOU JILL, I can't say enough how happy we are to have been able to work with you (thank goodness we snagged her for our date)!
enjoy these few pics, i will probably post some more fun!
xoxox lovies
:: peace and love ::

dress perfection...for reals

{ Max Wanger and Margaux, via Once Wed }
{ Margaux and Max, ceremony }

LOOOOOK at that dress! I don't even have's so incredibly amazing.....
that's the one thing, when i think about what i would have done differently, there are other things of course,
but the one that I wish I would have spent more time on, more effort was my dress.
people said it was perfect for me (but they sort of have to right? ha), It was fine.
but it wasn't drool worthy.....
one frivolous reason to renew our vows...and when we do in 15-20 years, I'm having a dress custom made.
until then, let's soak in Margaux's amazing sheath....*sigh*
:: peace and love ::
*pics via Once Wed. Photography via Our Labor of Love.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

retro delight

{ "once upon a time", sb mag }
{ "once upon a time", sb mag }

Flipping through the Santa Barbara magazine that I just bought (yes i do buy mags like SB and C--because they're rad!); I couldn't help but LOVE this retro photo shoot with Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers. I can't pretend like I know who they are....i don't, but that doesn't matter at all because they are beautiful and this little photo shoot will blow your mind.
I love that little Jcrew romper in the second pic....with the red lips....gah, so perfect :-)
good job SB mag. See the rest of the article, pics and behind the scenes video here.
:: peace and love ::

Friday, July 23, 2010

a random friday sharing

{ swordfish & thrasher shark shishkebabs }
{ Prairie organic vodka }
We made ourselves some shishkebabs the other night, I don't know why we don't make them more easy! We used some home grown squash gifted to us by our friends, bell peppers, pearl onions, pineapple and swordfish/thrasher shark. Sprinkled them with olive oil, sea salt and pepper and they were good to go! A few minutes on the grill....sprinkle with lemon juice and you are set for a tasty meal :-)
Side note, while at the store, I saw this really pretty bottle of Prairie organic vodka. Look at that pretty label. I didn't get it, so I really can't attest to it's quality (but I'm fairly certain anything with such a cute label must taste good) on principle alone!
Happy weekend....I'm home alone with my adorable kitty tonight, Wes is off taking advantage of his bday present golfing with his bfff at the Rancho San Marcos golf course (and camping over night too!) sounds fun right? I know...haha.
:: peace and love ::

Thursday, July 22, 2010


engagement pics are in (woo hoo)....trouble is all i have is the link to my online gallery on Pictage, and i can't figure out how to save them onto my comp so i can share them with you!?!?
any tips?!
in the meantime click here to see one of my favorites!!!
i can't wait to get them up :-)

:: peace and love ::

*thanks Jill !! Can't wait to see them on your blog :-)

Monday, July 19, 2010

a little bit of ink

{ new ink }
Headed over to Traditional tattoo yest and got this little baby slapped on....cute huh!? I sort of love it, my bestie Megan got a black one on the same finger!!
It cracks me up because my mom always says 'are you going to still want that when you're 80' (like that's a method of making me not get a tattoo)....because then i picture myself all old and grey, wearing some terrible floral dress and lace sweater....and ya, that would look really funny. Let's just say I fairly certain I am not going to be that 80 year old getting perm sets and wearing doily looking sweaters...hahaha.
:: peace and love ::

Rock to Pier 10k

{ Rock to Pier finish line }
{ Ash, Me and my Daddy, almost done! }

Me, my dad and my best friend did the Rock to Pier 10k on Saturday morning and it was so fun!!!!!
It was really special to have both of them there with me, Ash and I have been training for this for months and I am really proud of us for sticking with our program and finishing strong (in the top 3rd percent!!) It's especially sweet because last year my dad got 2nd in his age group and this year he got like 20th because he wanted to hang back with me :-) How cute is that...haha.
Love you Daddy and Ash, I can't wait to do that again......1/2 marathon here we come (thinking about city to sea in the fall, or there's one that winds around the wine country up in Paso!) either would be amazing (and really hard I'm guessing!!).
:: peace and love ::

Friday, July 16, 2010

thursday dinner

{ Cafe Roma arugula and Gorgonzola pizza, wine }
{ Chronic Cellars, Purple Paradise Zin }

Instead of being good and running my 5 mi before the race tomorrow (ahh), Wes and I decided on hitting Cafe Roma for an arugula, grilled onion and Gorgonzola pizza (yum!) and some fabulous Zin. I do feel pretty guilty for not running, but dinner was lovely and we were there for like 3 hours just chatting away which was perfect! Had to take a pic of the funny cork, there's a skull on the top of it (if you can see it in the second pic). This vineyard has about 5 different wines (it's local), we've had one of their other ones called 'Sofa King Bueno' (sound it out people...haha); they are both good, but the Purple Paradise last night was amazing!
Happy Friday, it's my 10K tomorrow and I'm a combo of kinda nervous and super excited!!!

:: peace and love ::

Monday, July 12, 2010

stuck in vaca mode

ok....I'm willing to admit that now I've gotten 1 a-m-a-z-i-n-g vaca in, all I can think about is how i can fit at least 3 more in this summer.
normal, no?
What did I see when i popped over to Jeana Sohn's blog this morn but her and her girlfriends blissfully (and very stylishly I might add) hanging out for a little day trip to Catalina island.
Her pictures are always lovely, but something about these especially makes me think that popping down to Catalina for a little weekend would be really perfect. I think it would be fun to camp actually and jet over to town to ride around, eat and hang on Descanso beach ($25 for the day with your own lounge chair and they serve food and drink) umm...yes please!
{ Descanso beach, Catalina Island }

Perfect don't you think? I have a 3 day weekend at the end of the month....and a request for time off in the middle of August (hoping for a desert road trip with one of my bestie's and the hubbs!)....wish me luck :-)
:: peace and love ::

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Big Sur-Minimoon !

{ Wes enjoying the patio over looking the canyon }
{ drinking our gifted Veuve ! } { sharing a smooch at Pfeiffer beach }

Home from Big really was incredible. Maryann and Dave's home is just gorgeous and we felt so lucky to be able to enjoy it for a weekend. We spent our time...playing scrabble, reading, eating, drinking and generally doing nothing (the best part) !
Dinner fri at Deetjen's was perfect...really beautiful and so cozy.
Drinks and apps Sat at Nepenthe was perfect...they have a killer margarita and a lovely space!
Esalon saturday night (at 1 in the effin morning) was quite an experience....and we loved it. I would recommend checking out all the tubs...but those sweet little clawfoot bath tubs are the way to go for sure...i was almost asleep the whole time!
Sunday we were so sad to have to leave...hit big sur bakery for coffee, and big sur river inn for lunch with live music and good weather....home for the last few hours on the patio and then we were off.
Now we are home with our snugly little fur baby and it's good to be back !
Dang Big Sur sure is beautiful, there are no words ;-)
:: peace and love ::

Thursday, July 8, 2010

'mini-moon' decided !

{ rental cabin last year, Big Sur }
{ the view from the rental cabin, Big Sur }

Headed to Big Sur for our 'mini moon' tomorrow :-) Yaaa....we were gifted a weekend and dinner at Deetjen's (not to mention the bottle of champagne waiting in their fridge) for the wedding from our family friends/our minister...and we are putting it to good use!
I can't wait to relax...drink wine, eat cheese, hike and soak in some sun (if the weather cooperates!) doubt it will be amazing. Pics and details to come of course ;-)
Hope all you lovelies have a wonderful weekend as well, it's my 10k next weekend, training has been ok, I got sick (as I said) last week and that kept me out of the loop for a few days.
I did manage to run the Bob Jones trail with the hubbs and the bestie this afternoon and it was so beautiful. Perfect temp. no wind, just lovely. I could have done better, but I wont scoff at 4 miles after a week off, half of it spent sleeping off a fever!
Can I just be honest and say that all I want to do is bask in domestic bliss (ef working....and doing all that necessary to daily life stuff)....honestly. haha.......I'm sure I'm not the only one, right!?
:: peace and love ::
*and happy weekend of course!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

smoked salmon rolls!

{ smoked salmon-cream cheese-asparagus rolls }

Whipped up a couple smoked salmon, cream cheese, asparagus rolls for dinner tonight. Perhaps not the most balanced of all meals, but they were amazingly delicious (really....i know the picture is a little questionable) but they taste even better than imagined.
Perfect for dinner parties...I have my new fav, I do however, wish I could make them look a bit more neat. I had trouble rolling the kept separating and was a bit thick, I wish it was about half the thickness it was....oh well, still tastey and the hubbs loves them...always a plus!
:: peace and love ::

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July fun

{ croquet in the grass }
{ Vix and me getting ready to kick the boy's butts at croquet! }

Unfortunately for moi, I started to feel sick Saturday while I was at work...I sort of though that maybe I had allergies, but by the time Sat night hit, I realized I had a full on head cold (no fun at all)...especially when you wanted to hang...drink some tasty cold beverages and enjoy a beautiful afternoon.
Sun morn and I am still on the couch at 12 sulking that I'm sick on such a festive occasion, when I get a call from our friends Vix and her honey Jonas.......they decided not to go to the beach which is perfect for us because our little yard and new croquet set is really calling our name!
1.5 hours later, we have cold drinks-chips-salsa and Wes' guac and we are relaxing in the back which is looking mighty cute I might add. I brought the papasan chair down for the good weather and the heat was just perfect!
After a couple drinks we break out the croquet and have some fun (I'll admit that the boys totally kicked our booties) we think they cheat!!!!!!!
I wish I had felt better....I did have so much fun, but spent 1/2 the time wishing for my head ache and sore throat to go away and thinking about how much I needed a nap....ha, so sad.
The day was perfect, even though it ended which point I totally crashed and slept off a fever :-(
Hope everyone had a beautiful and festive 4th, we do live in such a beautiful place!
:: peace and love ::
*PS....Jill says we'll have our engagement sesh later this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeee.....i really (really) can't hardly wait : )