Monday, July 26, 2010

Engagement session!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

{ pics by Jill Thomas, San Diego Fair }

They are finally here, and I am so excited to share them with people! These are just a tid bit, really I LOVE them all....and wish i could post them all...but that might be a bit excessive! haha.
Jill was such a pleasure to work with, both at the fair and our wedding (and her assistant Sydnee was amazing and sweet and didn't mind lugging our Samsonite luggage around the fair...which I'm sure was a bit embarrassing...) :-)
Jill said she will be posting on her blog shortly with more pics also, so keep an eye out over there as well. Even though I already have the disc and have looked through them so many times, i can't wait to see them on her blog too (makes it real or something)!!!
THANK YOU JILL, I can't say enough how happy we are to have been able to work with you (thank goodness we snagged her for our date)!
enjoy these few pics, i will probably post some more fun!
xoxox lovies
:: peace and love ::

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bigBANG studio said...

ahhhh! the shots are AWESOME! what a brilliant idea for a backdrop for your session.

and i totally had the same little thrill about saying "my husband" when we first got married- it's been two years (which i absolutely can't believe) and it's STILL a rush.

hooray for you guys- so, so exciting. you're going to have gorgeous kids, just fyi.