Tuesday, July 6, 2010

smoked salmon rolls!

{ smoked salmon-cream cheese-asparagus rolls }

Whipped up a couple smoked salmon, cream cheese, asparagus rolls for dinner tonight. Perhaps not the most balanced of all meals, but they were amazingly delicious (really....i know the picture is a little questionable) but they taste even better than imagined.
Perfect for dinner parties...I have my new fav, I do however, wish I could make them look a bit more neat. I had trouble rolling the salmon....it kept separating and was a bit thick, I wish it was about half the thickness it was....oh well, still tastey and the hubbs loves them...always a plus!
:: peace and love ::

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Caroline said...

My hubby and I made sushi again on Friday and it was YUM YUM YUM!!! Your roll looks incredible!!