Friday, July 30, 2010

the week in review

{ Ray Ban Wayfarer II } { Beer, martini, mint margartia @ Villa Creek } { VW Bus, downtown SLO }

Mondays are my skin care day at Lux (which I might add have been incredibly SLOWWWW as of late), due to the lack of clients on my books, i got my hair colored (desp. needed!). After work one of my co-workers/best friends Marissa and I have taken to going over to Novo and eating cheese, lettuce wraps and drinking fine wines ;-)
This monday was no different. We spent a good 2 hrs lounging in our little romantic corner of the out door deck, and snacked on their delicious cheese platter, shrimp lettuce wraps and a (eh hum) couple glasses of vino.
Found a lovely turquoise VW bus downtown....marveled at it's perfection (really wishing there was a for sale sign in it's window) but...there was not.
Tuesday-TACO TUESDAY at Villa Creek with my honey and girli friend Vix. We ate numerous veggie (for me), pork for them tacos with creme fraiche and some delightful Mexican cheese. Drank (a few) cocktails and enjoyed 3 hours worth of perfect convo and fun. We were thinking this could be an every other week occurrence......until we got our bill.....we don't know when we'll go again. Haha. but it is seriously amazing and we'll soon forget the price and head back for more. ;-)
Wes and I popped in to the sunglasses store...where we tried on every version of Ray Ban they offered. Wes found his fav, and I think I found mine, but when I got online to check them out more saw these babies and am thinking about switching my pick. The ones in store are tortoise and adorable....but these two toned little babies are kind of amazing if i do say so myself!
Happy weekend lovelies.
Saturday is my bfff's little 1 yr old HUDSON's bday, and we'll be off to a circus themed adventure. More on that later.
:: peace and love ::

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