Monday, August 2, 2010

weekend wrap up :-)

{ parents house, abundant rosemary }
{ Hudson's 1st bday, kiss the baby booth }
{ backyard, afternoon light }
{ old boat, morro bay @ dockside }
{ Eat Pray Love, gin & sparkling lime aid }

Had a much appreciated 3 day weekend...and it was lovely, really.
Friday we went out to morro bay and kayaked around the bay. *WISHING* we had brought the camera because the view from the sand bar looking over at all the backsides of the cafes and businesses was somthin' colorful and rickety looking, hanging over the water like home made shacks. We got to see 2 big white and peachy orange jelly fish, which was exciting. And lots of seals!!
After a beer at Dockside and a bit of lounging...we headed back to the sun of SLO and continued our lounging on our deck with a book and a sparkling gin and lime aid. Ahhh......such a perfect Friday.
Saturday was our bfff's youngest Hudson's 1st bday!!! Headed over a little early to complete the 'kiss the baby booth' which turned out so cute!! Had a lovely day of carnival themed cuteness....think popcorn, cotton candy machine, giant lollipops was adorable.
can i have a carnival themed bday!? ha.
Saturday night was a sweet bachelorette partayyy (m hmm) for my girli, and after a sushi dinner and sake we hit the town!!!
Sunday was just as lazy as friday, if not more so really....After napping and (more) lounging. We headed to Paso to have din and drinks with my parents. Such a beautiful afternoon in paso (minus the intense wind).
there you have beautiful, perfect, lazy 3 day weekend.
Happy monday loves :-)
:: peace and love ::

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The Loughran's said...

thank you for doing the lettering on the baby booth... and thinking of it. It made the party/pic adorable :)