Tuesday, August 31, 2010

tuesday fun-day

Nigori sake is my favorite. Just for the record, I've tried a few others; and this is by far my fav. It is a sake you can actually sip, drink, enjoy. Not one to do sake bombs with (i don't see the appeal, personally) but hey.....that's just me.
I had a surprise Tuesday afternoon/evening. Invited last minute to enjoy drinks at Giuseppi's in SLO (the previously mentioned 'favorite diggs'), after some wine we headed to Shinn's; a local sushi place with great prices and good sake.
I had one of my girlies Marissa there to share beer and sake with (yum yum), and a couple rolls.
Home now with my amazing (and very cute i might add) husband and adorable kitty.
It really is lovely to have such a wonderful little home!

:: peace and love ::

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