Sunday, August 22, 2010

sunday coffee

{ Soy Hazelnut latte, Big Sky }
{ Wes' coffee @ Big Sky }

having the laziest of Sundays..
slept in until 10 (!!)
schlepped our coffee deprived selves to Big Sky Cafe for breaki (really more like brunch by the time we got there)....and coffee.....mmmm
their soy hazelnut latte is really a revelation (i do wish they would do something cool with the foam)....but i guess one shouldn't wish for taste and visual appeal!? ha.
attempted a bike ride, got a flat 5 mins in :-( ugh.
decided on bruschetta with our home grown tomato crop in the yard, mozzarella and a snazzy beer.
there's something different feeling about the weather fall is coming maybe...i'm not sure. but i like it.
happy sunday loves

:: peace and love ::


Caroline said...

I love coffee!!!

Catie's Hybrid Couture said...

they don't do anything in your foam?? whenever i get mochas there they usually do some sort of favorite was an umbrella when it was rainy outside =)