Monday, August 30, 2010

monday isn't so bad...

{ Saucelito Canyon Winery, tasting }
{ hot pink Jcrew shoe box, place mat }

I was a little off put this morn...i have to answer to someone at work who is a very hard pill to swallow some times, and was feeling trapped and tremendously frustrated.
I'm feeling much better now. I got started on a new chapter in my that includes ART SCHOOL, and I couldn't be more excited. more on that later.
Had to include a pic from sunday fun-day...spent lunch with besti's at one of our fav diggs, then off to wine tasting at Saucelito Canyon, it was a bit windy but beautiful...we will be back. It was so relaxing!
On top of being generally productive in the earlier parts of today (see i told you i would!)..ha; I finally received my Jcrew Cleo platform sandals....gahhhhh
i'm reallllllly loving them already and I haven't even officially worn them (out that is) i have them on right now obviously ;-)
I have been wanting these little lovelies since my bday (member'?); well it wasn't in the cards for my bday (they were orig. $165--not terrible...not amazingly priced either).....
i went online to check them out again (as I had been for some time, waiting for them to go on sale)...hoping they would not sell out.
BINGO....down to $89, snap snap...that's me (snapping them up) :-)
they came packaged in a lovely hot pink box to boot.....well thank you Jcrew, what a delight.

:: peace and love ::

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Caroline said...

Your Monday looks WONDERFUL!!!! XO