Monday, July 26, 2010

dress perfection...for reals

{ Max Wanger and Margaux, via Once Wed }
{ Margaux and Max, ceremony }

LOOOOOK at that dress! I don't even have's so incredibly amazing.....
that's the one thing, when i think about what i would have done differently, there are other things of course,
but the one that I wish I would have spent more time on, more effort was my dress.
people said it was perfect for me (but they sort of have to right? ha), It was fine.
but it wasn't drool worthy.....
one frivolous reason to renew our vows...and when we do in 15-20 years, I'm having a dress custom made.
until then, let's soak in Margaux's amazing sheath....*sigh*
:: peace and love ::
*pics via Once Wed. Photography via Our Labor of Love.

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