Monday, July 19, 2010

Rock to Pier 10k

{ Rock to Pier finish line }
{ Ash, Me and my Daddy, almost done! }

Me, my dad and my best friend did the Rock to Pier 10k on Saturday morning and it was so fun!!!!!
It was really special to have both of them there with me, Ash and I have been training for this for months and I am really proud of us for sticking with our program and finishing strong (in the top 3rd percent!!) It's especially sweet because last year my dad got 2nd in his age group and this year he got like 20th because he wanted to hang back with me :-) How cute is that...haha.
Love you Daddy and Ash, I can't wait to do that again......1/2 marathon here we come (thinking about city to sea in the fall, or there's one that winds around the wine country up in Paso!) either would be amazing (and really hard I'm guessing!!).
:: peace and love ::

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