Thursday, July 8, 2010

'mini-moon' decided !

{ rental cabin last year, Big Sur }
{ the view from the rental cabin, Big Sur }

Headed to Big Sur for our 'mini moon' tomorrow :-) Yaaa....we were gifted a weekend and dinner at Deetjen's (not to mention the bottle of champagne waiting in their fridge) for the wedding from our family friends/our minister...and we are putting it to good use!
I can't wait to relax...drink wine, eat cheese, hike and soak in some sun (if the weather cooperates!) doubt it will be amazing. Pics and details to come of course ;-)
Hope all you lovelies have a wonderful weekend as well, it's my 10k next weekend, training has been ok, I got sick (as I said) last week and that kept me out of the loop for a few days.
I did manage to run the Bob Jones trail with the hubbs and the bestie this afternoon and it was so beautiful. Perfect temp. no wind, just lovely. I could have done better, but I wont scoff at 4 miles after a week off, half of it spent sleeping off a fever!
Can I just be honest and say that all I want to do is bask in domestic bliss (ef working....and doing all that necessary to daily life stuff)....honestly. haha.......I'm sure I'm not the only one, right!?
:: peace and love ::
*and happy weekend of course!


justin said...

Can I ask where this cabin is and if you have the rental contact for it? I have never been to big sur and it looks incredible! please email me at
thank you sooo much!

Lindsay Hobbs said...

Ditto to Justin's comment!

My email is

Thanks so much!!