Sunday, June 13, 2010

SD fair :-)

{ outside the fair after our e-session ! }
{ blooming peonie, table }

The drive to so-cal was full of traffic (of course)...but Saturday morning came and went, and before we knew it we were headed to the fair to shoot our e-session!
I cannot tell you how ridiculous we felt pulling our silly black Samsonite luggage with all our changes of clothes...who knows what people thought we had in there! hahaha....
Once we spotted Jill and Sydnee (we hadn't met before)...we were greeted with warm hugs and smiles and knew that we were going to have a blast.
It is funny having your picture taken (in such a public setting no less)....I thought I would be more aware or concerned with what everyone else was thinking, but once we got started we were so preoccupied with soaking in the amazing setting and beautiful light that everything else just faded into the background. We had SO much fun, the fair was the most perfect spot, so many beautiful colors and wacky things going on (and one v. photogenic ferris wheel; ps i love ferris wheels)....Jill put us right at ease and was so easy to be ourselves in front of (maybe not quite as goofy and goobery' as we usually our...but hey, give us time ;-)
I honestly can't wait to see the pics...not just to see us really...but how the light caught all the color and movement....
We came home to one sulking kitty (who then decided to snuggle us all night) and some amazing blooming peonies....nothing like your own bed i say!
One week until the wedding...and it's crazy crunch time, wish me luck with all my projects : )
:: peace and love ::

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