Monday, June 7, 2010

planting party!

{ potted succulents }
{ planting in process }{ succulents and air plant in a pretty little bowl } { Ranger and succulent }

Saturday we headed up to Paso, to my parents house for some succulent planting and wine margarita taste testing!
We got the pots and bowls planted (almost)...we need about 10 more succulents! I think they look so cute!! Thank you Kelly from Yes Please blog for letting me know where you got your pots (about a year ago)....thanks to her tip I found myself all those cute little cement pots that are sooo perfect for centerpieces!!!!!
After a long day of planting...and planning, going over (and over) all the little details....we relaxed at the house for some wine margarita taste testing : ) My parents were worried about people getting tanked right off the bat with real tequila margaritas (so much tastier....but I had to give up at some point!)...haha, so i did (give up the tequila fight!) and we (with some much appreciated help from good friends Norma and Jim) came up with a concoction of lime juice, sugar, triple sec and wine--with a splash of sparkling wine to top it off. It is good, it really is, but it's not a now the game is figuring out a name for this limey refreshing drink.
:: peace and love ::
--up tomorrow, paper crane folding girli get together!!!--

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