Sunday, June 27, 2010

50's inspired/homey engagement pics

First of all....I know, I know...we already did our 'e-session' and it's going to be RAD-TASTIC, especially since we had Jill there to snap our pics (she's really amazing and so lovely--i just have to say).
it doesn't make me stop ahhing and oohing over all these 'at home' and '50's ish' inspired photo shoots.........and I'm thinking that for either our pregnancy photos (whenever I am in-fact pregnant---which I'm NOT....just clarifying), or our 1 yr anniversary photos (I've seen quite a few anniversary shoots, and I must say, they look so fun, a bit more relaxed and really lovely) we will do a shoot themed around our home, with maybe a little 50's thrown in. I am thinking Wes reading a newspaper, me shaking a martini (Wes actually prefers beer...but it's all for visual effect right?)...ok pouring a beer...heals, apron, get the picture....check out these Beautiful pictures that have inspired my vision.
{ Mary + Stefan, Erin Hearts Court }
{ at home engagement pics - Luna Photo }
{ Messina photo-engagement pics-found from Style Me Pretty } { Mary + Stefan, Erin Hearts Court } { Angelina Jolie for W mag feature } { Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt for a W mag feature } { Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt for a W mag feature }{ Ryan + Holly engagement pics-Braedon photog } { pics found from 100 Layer Cake }
So there you have it....there are many more, I know I've run across many more, but unfortunately didn't save them all. I just love how relaxed and easy they all feel....
The inspiration started with a 50's looking photo I saw in a mag that reminded me of the 'Brangelina' W magazine shoot from years ago....I googled the W mag shoot and got even more excited...then tried to find more of the 'at home' pics I know I'd seen over the years.
I'm sure there will be more to's really such a lovely idea.
:: peace and love ::

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