Tuesday, June 29, 2010


{ Heath bowls, in the sun }
{ Heath bowls, in the sun }

Heath, heath, heath....yes that's right. We received one of the beautiful pieces off our Heath registry (and they are aaammmmaazzzinggg). I was drying our rug outside in the sun the other day and decided it was a pretty little backdrop to show off our new little ceramic lovelies.
Thank you to my aunt Olivia and family for generously gifting us such a beautiful present. I used one for entertaining the other night...and it was perfect. Along with the exciting gifts was a beautiful decanter, a Le Cruset grilling pan, and some lovely glass wears from Crate and Barrel.
On another note, Wes and I went for a 5 mile run last night and it was pretty hilly, I feel really good for pushing myself and keeping on with my running. For about a week and a half there before the wedding, I literally didn't have enough hours in the day. It's really nice to have the time and be able to get in some good running. The 10k is approaching on July 17th, and if it were tomorrow, I could definitely do it with out dying....phew. Haha.
Happy Tuesday lovelies,
:: peace and love ::

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Anonymous said...

Olivia says they have great prices on seconds at the store in SF and you don't even notice the flaws. Ummmm