Saturday, October 2, 2010

shoppin' for makeup!

{ Bobbi Brow, creamy lip color }
{ Bobbi Brown, pot rouge }

{ Bobbi Brown, all over bronzing gel }

I've been really wanting to buy some new makeup...perhaps switch up my look.
I think we all get antsy about mixing it up!
I've loved Bobbi Brown since I was a teenager, and have never owned any of her things...weird no. You wonder how I love her, but haven't used her makeup!?
I love her books, I love her style, her color palettes and's quite lovely really.
I can only imagine that everything (maybe not everything...but lets be optimistic) she makes is pretty lovely.....
Any way...I think I want to try a lip color, pot rouge and bronzing gel to would be more blush-eye shadow palette and the skin foundation....
We shall see.............The creamy lip color in retro pink looks like perfection.......
Can you tell I'm trying to convince myself that it's all necessary...

:: peace & love ::

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