Wednesday, November 17, 2010

OH, there is 1 thing. FRESH

When in about your fav. cosmetic brand.
it's hard to say 'fav' when i'm such a product junkie and love so many things (AVEDA above all...obvi).
HOWEVER...I just slathered a bit of this on the other day in Sephora (and took home a sample which is now gone. so stingy with their samples that Sephora). Anyway....I am FULLY obsessed.
It's on my xmas list/tempted to buy immediately regardless of the addition to the xmas list.
Leaves skin with that lovely oily shimmer (without the greasy feeling)....smells amazing (amazing i tell you)....and comes with that fab Fresh packaging and general sensibility.
damn you get me every time.
and i love it. gah.

:: peace & love ::

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