Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ohhhh it's been a bit eh!?

{ cruisin' with the a really rad haircut & color from Jordy and Marissa at Lux...and am feeling mighty sassy with my new bangs!! }
lots going on here.
1. we MOVED....and it's almost all complete (the moving business and cleaning business that is). and we're v. v. happy about it.
2. the hubs graduates in a week and i'm sooo incredibly proud of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. we leave for our Dominican vaca in a little over a week (umm, ya....stoked)--referring to it as vacay bc we have decided you just can't honeymoon with's against honeymooning we are going on an awesome vaca with awesome friends...and will officially honeymoon within the next year to somewhere just as amazing as the dr.. that's that.
brief synopsis of our ways these days..........
hoping for some big things to come OHHH perhaps a job for the hubs (not just any job...but a really enjoyable, this is exactly what i was killing myself in school over kind of job) art school for me, and maybe some sort of lovely, arty job (gallery....etc.....sigh....sounds nice!)
maybe another move (ick..hate moving).

any get the point i'm sure.
lots going on.
more to come we hope ;-)

I want to try and be more regular at blogging...why not. some of my favorite ones are the ones updated near boring am i with my once weekly (sometimes) blogs as of late. i know....boring.

:: peace & love ::

*pics of new space to come!

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